This where will will place those particular Western and sometime dangerous Idiots who are who give good conservatives a bad name

Aceh’s Daughters Vaginas – Sizes and Descriptions

Aceh is a physically a very beautiful part of Indonesia but with recent limited automony allowing the introduction of Sharia Law,  Aceh has become Indonesia’s intolerant, perverted creepy Uncle.

The province is now better known for its uniformed religious thugs kidnapping young teenagers off the streets for daring to hold hands or nonsensical regulations such as women must ride motor bikes side saddle.


However in a simply bizarre news story oozing out of Aceh, it appears the creepy uncles have reached a new low.  The Jakarta Post reports today:

“A junior high school in Sabang, Aceh, apparently cares so much about its students that it is asking about the sizes of their penises, vaginas and breasts in its registration forms.

One of the forms, there was a questionaire with graphics depicting breasts, vaginas and penises and under each of them, there were four options – from small to large – that a student needed to circle”

penis measure

The mind boogles at what Junior High School girl would be expected to circle when asked how big her vagina is?  This is a sick and depraved part of Indonesia and anyone who thinks Sharia Law or a vote for one of the Islamist Parties (PKS) is the answer to the countries ills should look long and hard at what occurs here.



FPI and other assorted soilings

Indonesia is blighted with a number of organisations that like to claim the moral high ground but in fact they represent the very rotting, fetid base one finds under the rocks of intolerance and bigotry.  Think PKS and FPI for a quick glance at what is soiling Indonesia.

The FPI in particular claim to represent Islam and the people when the reality is they are despised by the majority of Indonesians as little more than thugs for hire.  Curiously the FPI like to refer to themselves as warriors for Islam yet on every occasion they have encountered resistance where they did not out number the victims ten to one they have scurried back under their rocks before you could say “Look at the ladyboys dressed like Arabs”.  Sadly in one such rout, the thugs hit a pregnant woman with a vehicle and dragged her 50m killing her.

Take a look at the picture below with the head thug, dressed as a Arab from a bad hollywood movie riding in American Jeep (ha, ha, ha) and ask yourself “Do you really think these idiots represent Indonesia”  Meanwhile one hopes the government is trawling through the tax records of the FPI and tracing the ownership of the Jeep for tax avoidance investigations.




More Government Officials fixated on Schoolgirl Virgins

You can almost here the dirty old men salivating as yet another government official jumps on the Sumatra Virgin Bandwagon.

In the latest UPDATE: Education Head, HM Raysid now claims he was misquoted and
was only advising the parents of girl that if they were worried about
her reputation they should have her tested.  Methinks…Pants on Fire!

Meanwhile, Hasrul Azwar, member of the House of Representatives’ Commission VIII
overseeing religion from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said that
it was necessary for schools to carry out virginity tests once in a
while due to rampant promiscuity among students.


az (Photo credit: sonounribellemamma)

Of course, no sane person takes anything that anyone from the PKS party says seriously
as they can have ply demonstrated their obsession with squalid little
affairs and remain mired in corruption ..ahem..allegations for
corruption in the beef import scandals.

Here’s a free tip Azwar, seek help for your fevered imagination about school children and
concentrate on cleaning the filth out of your own party.  Physician heal thyself.

Government Official to probe Sumatera Virgins

Indonesia’s national obsession with sex continues with a passion.  Indonesia for all its pious posturing, consistently tops the ASEAN Google charts for Internet Sex Searches. A combination of nonsensical dogma and the active repression of a significant portion of the male population to building any sort of male – female relationship at developmental levels leads to absurd if not tragic levels of ignorance.

In the latest laughable example,  H.M. Rasyid, the chief of Prabumulih’s Education Agency, told the Indonesian news portal that the the agency intends to include virginity tests as part of its high school admission requirements.  To be fair, the last time this was tried, the plan was quickly dropped as the abuse mounted.  What is inexcusable, is socially inept twits like Rasyid can actually rise to positions of influence in the Indonesian Education System.

H.M. Rasyid (We assume the HM stands for Hugely Moronic) reportedly went on to justify his outrageous proposal by stating “that increasing instances of premarital sex and prostitution among female students prompted the move.”  The statement like the man is nonsensical and says more about the putrid state of his own fevered imagination than the reality of student life in Sumatera.

Please keep the government out of my Vagina

Please keep the government out of my Vagina

Between Female Genital Mutilation and Virginity tests for schoolgirls you have to wonder what creates the kind of society with such an official (but sick) obsession with young girl’s vaginas.   A bigger wonder is when and if the people will tire of such morons in their daily lives.

Kevin Rudd fails debate

With the Australian election coming up in a little over a month, it is fitting to give the issue some attention.  Prime Minister Redux Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had the first of three debates and were both a little uninspiring.

Of course, it would beggar belief that Australians would re-elect the Australian Labor Party again.  There is little doubt that the this particular Australian Labor Party will go done is history as the worst and most unprincipled mob of time servers since World War 2 bar none. You would think after the shenanigans of the NSW Labor Party and an election coming up that the Deputy Prime Minister would have more commonsense than to be snapped having a beer with a known fraudster?  Worse the idiot DPM then tried to sell the story that it was an accidental meeting in a pub another lie that came unstuck when it was exposed that both the DPM were seen sauntering up to the pub together.  The unmitigated lies that flow incessantly from this bunch of ratbags is simply astounding.

Prime Minister Rudd flanked by the hapless and compromised Penny Wong

Prime Minister Rudd flanked by the hapless and compromised Penny Wong


What is most sad is the fall in grace, integrity and dignity of Australian Labor Party by Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong.  Penny Wong is the first Asian-born member of an Australian cabinet and also the first openly lesbian member of the Australian cabinet. On 27 June 2013 she became the first person of Asian descent to assume the role of Leader of the Government in the Senate.  Articulate and extremely clever she should (and did) represent everything that is good about an open, tolerant forward thinking Australia.  Unfortunately, she has displayed a complete lack of bottle and has allowed the unprincipled around her to drag her to their level.  It is obvious that she knows what she is parroting is manifestly false but in a sad display continues to do so.  Oh Penny…what could have been….

Meanwhile Prime Minister Rudd continues the abhorrent and anti-democratic practice of forcing out local members who actually live in area they represent to allow party hacks and recycled no hopers to gain safe seats the tax-payer gravy chain.

The below is a pretty accurate summation of the Gillard/Rudd Government (not the Stump’s writing, arrived in an email).

1. Grocery Watch

2. Fuel Watch

3. Climate Change “greatest moral challenge” abandonment

4. Copenhagen 114 person strong extravaganza & failure

5. $275 million 31, later 450 GP Super Clinics promised, only three delivered

6. $47 billion National Broadband white elephant, without a business plan

7. 2.1 Billion Laptop for every child – without infrastructure

8. Mandatory Internet Filter – dangerous, ineffective, mis-managed

9. Litigation of Japan whaling – empty PC rhetoric

10. Commonwealth Health takeover replaced with pretend ‘reform’

11. Murray Darling River State non-deal

12. Rudd economic conservative turned anti-capitalist, now Gillard

13. Foreign policy damage– China, Japan, Indonesia, India

14. Asylum Boat people arrivals explosion & its denial for year

15. Stimulus spending too big, too late and mainly on Labor electorates

16. Bank interest rates rises due to over stimulus

17. Industrial relations rollback to pre-Keating era

18. Wild Rivers legislation support harms aborigines

19. More not less Secretive Government – less granted FOI’s

20. Public Housing promise undelivered

21. 2020 Summit – staged celebrity talk-fest

22. Promise to retain universal Private Health rebate broken

23. Rudd promise to make Canberra his base

24. Promise to clean up election funding broken

25. $3.45 billion pink bat Home Insulation debacle

26. $275 Million Green Loans debacle

27. Raise the standard of Ministerial responsibility abandoned

28. Political advertising ombudsman promised then dismantled

29. $534 Million Solar Panel Rebate sudden withdrawal

30. Halve homeless by 2020 / by 20% by 2013 – instead rising

31. Build 222 childcare centres – abandoned

32. Pacific Workers Scheme failure

33. Meat imports restarted from mad cow disease countries without consultation

34. Mining Tax mis-design, mis-management & lies on tax rates

35. $38.5 million for a pro-mining tax ad campaign

36. 1 Billion Cash for Clunkers greenwash stupidity

37. Bullying East Timor for our detention centre

38. 150 Citizen’s council for Climate stupidity

39. Pork barrelling infra-structure grants to Labor seats – auditor

40. Gillard opposition to pension increase for non-Labor voting  pensioners

41. National Security Committee run by ex-bodyguard




Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Indonesia

Evil Harpies smiling as they mutilate a screaming child

Evil Harpies smiling as they mutilate a screaming child

One of the sadder things about Indonesia is the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation or FGM with estimates being that 80-90% of young, mostly (but not always) Muslim girls are abused in this manner.  This particular barbaric piece of child abuse is often excused as “it is required by religion” (although this just highlights the person’s ignorance of their own religion as IT IS NOT)  or more bizarrely “It will stop my daughter becoming over sexed” which is beyond words for stupidity.

Sadly but looking for any light in the dark, barbaric practice at least Indonesia generally tends towards the lesser versions of mutilation not that excuses the practice in any fashion.

It was pleasing to read that Australia is still taking a hard (ish) line on the practice as any civilized nation should.  A number of people were arrested including a Sheik ( of what?  since when does Australia have Sheiks) and a Lawyer over the mutilation of two innocent girls aged six and seven.  Bizarrely these sick perverts are somehow allowed bail, yet you can bet if anyone else have taken a blade to a young child they would be jail now and for a long, long time as.  Australians are truly tiring of this one rule for some and another for others. One can only hope long sentences await the creeps involved and the girls are already in protective custody.

“A SYDNEY lawyer has faced court charged with perverting the course of justice in relation to the alleged genital mutilation of two young sisters.

The 46-year-old man, arrested at an office in Sydney’s inner west in July, is the ninth person charged over the circumcisions.

The arrest followed an investigation by the Sex Crimes Squad into the circumcisions, which allegedly took place when the girls were aged six and seven.

The lawyer appeared at Parramatta Local Court today charged with two counts of perverting the course of justice. Bail was continued.

He will appear in the same court to make an application to change his bail conditions on August 15, with his case set to come before the court again on September 5.

Eight other people – including the parents of the girls and a retired nurse – were charged last year with being present during the procedures and with other offences.

The victims’ father, who is a Sydney doctor, and his wife have been charged with two counts of mutilation.

A local sheik was charged with being an accessory after the fact to female genital mutilation and with hindering the police investigation.

He is accused of telling locals to lie to police about the prevalence of female genital mutilation in their community, previous court documents showed”


The paid religious thugs of Indonesia better know as the FPI are embarrassing the nation again.  One could ask how much longer are the police and the government going to sit idly by and let these sexually insecure and cowardly thugs continue to harass Indonesian citizens.