PKS calls for AIDs victims to be punished

The PKS party in Indonesia, despite its nonsensical sanctimonious rantings about morality is better known for its members embarrassing habit of getting caught up in Porn and Graft scandals, not to mention running little harams of young female mistresses.

English: IPSF HIV/AIDS Campaign Logo

English: IPSF HIV/AIDS Campaign Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet, in a jaw dropping statement of ignorance and prejudice by one of its members that transcends even the usual outrageous and low standards for the PKS, the party proved yet again it has no place in a civilised and educated society. It was reported today PKS Legislator Wirianingsih maliciously drooled that AIDS patients should not be covered under Government Health Care Program due to start in 2014.

This profoundly ignorant woman (and term woman is used loosely) stated:

“Why should the people with HIV/AIDS be given free medicine? They should be punished because it is their fault what is causing them to suffer from HIV/AIDS”

Punished for AIDs? How much more does this idiotic tool of a woman want someone to suffer?

One can only assume, this human liability is equating AIDs to the that infantile PKS (and other religious nutters) fantasy that AIDS is God’s punishment for a “liberal” sexual lifestyle.  Of course, in Indonesia AIDs is rampant, thanks to an abysmal record of disease control in hospitals and government corruption (in which the KPS is a platinum record holder).  Every year tens of thousands of young girls are forced into prostitution with idiot men refusing to wear condoms as the only means to survive.  Not that the hard line Islamic Parties can comment much with the high degree of homosexual fumblings as normal social interaction between boys and girls is increasingly mutilated in the name of religion.

Wiri should probably be wary of what she says, with the Indonesian and PKS tradition of virtually every male of means having a couple of mistresses on the side.  There is a very real chance that Karma will come riding in on a blood and sperm soaked charger.

Pity Indonesia, with legislators as pig ignorant as this.

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