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More Government Officials fixated on Schoolgirl Virgins

You can almost here the dirty old men salivating as yet another government official jumps on the Sumatra Virgin Bandwagon.

In the latest UPDATE: Education Head, HM Raysid now claims he was misquoted and
was only advising the parents of girl that if they were worried about
her reputation they should have her tested.  Methinks…Pants on Fire!

Meanwhile, Hasrul Azwar, member of the House of Representatives’ Commission VIII
overseeing religion from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said that
it was necessary for schools to carry out virginity tests once in a
while due to rampant promiscuity among students.


az (Photo credit: sonounribellemamma)

Of course, no sane person takes anything that anyone from the PKS party says seriously
as they can have ply demonstrated their obsession with squalid little
affairs and remain mired in corruption ..ahem..allegations for
corruption in the beef import scandals.

Here’s a free tip Azwar, seek help for your fevered imagination about school children and
concentrate on cleaning the filth out of your own party.  Physician heal thyself.


PKS should be Steaked – Lady GaGa Sings the Blues

A our old friends, the pious and honourable PKS are in the news again.

Ooops, Sorry for the contradiction in terms.  One should not use honourable and politician in the same sentence particularly in Indonesia and absolutely not with any of the religious based parties.

Indonesian politics is nothing if not amusing although more of an ongoing tragic comedy for the Indonesian people.  Today’s howler is Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) leader turned graft suspect Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq waved off the alleged involvement of Agriculture Minister Suswono in the beef import scandal, where his ministry is “suspected” of having received bribes to ramp up the 2013 beef import quota for a company called I U.

I really hate Lady  GaGa..people respect her

I really hate Lady GaGa..people respect her

Of course “suspected” in this context is similar to that we may suspect the sun may rise in the East tomorrow. In a callow disregard for the literally tens of millions of Indonesian who live on or below the poverty line, a cabal of thieves, liars and traitors have colluded to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor. Beef in Indonesia (when you can get it) can cost a ludicrous up to ten times the price per kilo than it does in the USA or Australia.

Time and again the endemic corruption and self-enrichment of those that can beggars belief where nothing or no one is sacrosanct. We have seen people enriching themselves by corruption in school book and school infrastructure budgets, perversion of holy books and Haj funds and now food. Not a believer, but you have to think there is a special place in hell for scum that steal from the children of the poorest and colluded to rip food from their mouths.

Sadly like smashing your face continually with hammer, the general population is so overwhelmed by the daily corruption news of such corruption is greeted by a shrug of the shoulders and a smile. Rather than drag these cancers on society into the street for a tar feathering, you will see bigger crowds proudly waving PKS banners and calling for a ban on Lady GaGa as damaging to the nation. I guess there is no limit to the stupidity of a mob.

English: Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight performi...

Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight performing the latest PKS political commercial “Sapi Kotor” (Dirty Cow)

A pan of beef brisket, just out of the oven.

A pan of beef brisket, just out of the oven. 10KG beef  = Rp100,000 in bribes to pond scum

At least the PKS can claim some religious authority, the continued existence such a mob defies the concept of intelligent evolution.

The defining thing about corruption in Indonesia is the sheer scope and disregard for the poorest in society.  Sadly that condemns the middle class “I’m all right Jack, bugger you” more than it does the corrupters.
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