Australian Republic

Well another royal baby has been born and jolly good luck to them.  Whilst the Queen (via the Governor General) remains Australia’s Head of State it is unlikely Boy George (imaginative lot when it comes to names) will ever occupy the same position in Australia.

Boy George em sua apresentação como DJ na boat...

Future Boy George? 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whilst Australia voted against a Republic some years ago, this was more due to a flawed model (Politicians wanted to the right to elect the President not the people), a lingering affection for a rather lovely old granny and the general apathy of the people than a burning desire to rule by some foreign King.  Frankly, the Monarchy in Australia is just a quaint old tradition that has long since worn out its usefulness but like an old sheepdog, no one really cares if it hangs around until it passes quietly in the night.

We wish boy George all the best not sure if it is an ideal life for a child as a taxpayer and hideously expensive tourist attraction somewhat like the Singapore Zoo without the educational benefits. Now if we could just get that flag changed.


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