Ramadan and Atheists in Indonesia

As it is currently Ramadan in Indonesia (and elsewhere) with public servants even harder to arouse from stupor than normal, it is appropriate that we take a look at what must be one of the most secretive sects in Indonesia, the atheists.

An atheist in Indonesia runs the very real risk of being charged with blasphemy or worse.  In absence of any real sense of history or education, vast swathes of the population ignorantly equate atheism with communism.  Nor should one expect those views to change anytime soon as it would require the two largest Muslim organisations to acknowledge their active and willing participation in the slaughter of millions of their innocent countrymen during the rise of the Soeharto’s new order.

Suharto was the military president of Indonesi...

Suharto was the military president of Indonesia from 1967 to 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the above in mind, it was mildly surprising that the local english newspaper ran an article on the trials and tribulation of being an Atheist in Indonesia today.  Do take the time to read:

To be fair to Islam, the Stump should confess that only recently our presence was required at a local International School where some expatriate parents thought it was appropriate to utilise the facilities and conduct classes in their particular brand of Christianity during school hours.  It was explained in no uncertain terms that:

1.  You want to use the facilities then you lease them, secular parents should not have to pay for propagation of any creation myth.

2.  You conduct your cult’s activities outside of school hours and away from impressionable children.

UPDATE : A couple of the young (14 & 16) Indonesian female cousins appeared last night to “break” fast at the Stump as always better to gorge on someone else’s dollar and it is almost and art form at this time of year. Upon listening at length to the cousin’s delivering the sermon on how the fasting and the sacrifice helps bring them closer to God and cleanse them anew (and by inference non fasters are lesser mortals),  the Stump offered to pay $100 to a charity of their choice for every week during Ramadan they would leave their facebook, twitter, instagram etc enabled hand phone with us.  Suffice to say, no additional budgeting needed at the Stump.  Perhaps the next post should be titled Ritual Vs Substance or Sacrifice Vs Posturing.

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