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The paid religious thugs of Indonesia better know as the FPI are embarrassing the nation again.  One could ask how much longer are the police and the government going to sit idly by and let these sexually insecure and cowardly thugs continue to harass Indonesian citizens.



Indonesia Bans Alcohol and Sex

Well Ramadan the Muslim fasting month is here. Sadly in Indonesia, Ramadan has become less about religious observance but more an excuse for sad little minority thug groups like the FPI to display their intolerance and ignorance.

The FPI loosely translated from Indonesian means “Islamic Defender’s Front”, which frankly is a disgrace as it would be difficult to think of a rabble that do more to bring the name of Islam into disrepute more than these sexually insecure, mommy boys.  Historically, they were created as “shadow” gang to serve as proxy for “connected” government identities.  There is little to suggest that is still not the case.

Indonesia's Shame
Indonesia’s Shame

The FPI claim to be Defenders of Islam is certainly fraudulent as evidenced by the selectivity of the targets of their cowardly violence, theft and abuse.  It is almost laughable when these morons start targeting what they call “sinful” places when it is obvious to all that Money, Connections and above all strength of numbers (The FPI never attack when there is a chance of a fair fight) decides what place is targeted for violence.  Who could forget the hilarious sight of the heroic FPI cowering in their plane behind female flight attendants when they landed in Kalimantan and were met by a justifiably outraged Dayak community.

In this year’s Ramadan piece of FPI stupidity an application to the Supreme Court for local governments have the right to prohibit Alcohol was granted.  Of course, this is country already ravaged by illegal grog shops killing people with menthol and we obviously have learned nothing for the failure of prohibition the world over. Still every corrupt copper must be rubbing their hands with glee at the coming windfall.

Does it matter? Not really! After the grand Jakarta Rally for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate demonstrated the inability of hardline minority groups to count, let alone dispose of their own waste there is little chance of rational person regarding these morons with anything but contempt.

Curiously, it is puzzling why like the FPI and others can call for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate and the dismantling of democracy and not be considered traitors to the state.  Even more curious when you consider just raising the RMS or Morning Star Flag will land you years in prison.

Lastly, in an effort to top last year’s FPI howler where expatriates were responsible for the prositute trade (where every Expat would in the country would have been responsible for supporting over 380 working girls a year, and boy is he tired!). Adul Nutcase declared only tourists and expatriates drink alcohol.

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Prime Minister Rudd and President SBY discuss lame ducks

Australian Prime Minister Rudd met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today in Jakarta in a taxpayer funded fiasco that could be described as a meeting of the lame ducks.


Rudd as most know is a recycled Prime Minister and the last ditch effort by the Australian Labor Party to avoid annihilation at  this years Australian Election after three years of the most dysfunctional government in Australia’s post war history.  President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is an ex-general whose somewhat “interesting” military history was overlooked as he was elected as the people’s champion.  Unfortunately the best that could be said about his presidency is a massive opportunity for much needed reform has gone missing.

English: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president o...

English: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously two key issues on the agenda was the resumption of beef imports and asylum seekers to Australia.  Both issues of major concern to the Australian Electorate and both issues due to the sheer incompetence of the Rudd Labor Government.  In a jaw dropping display of foreign affairs ignorance (wilful or otherwise) Rudd described a proposal by President SBY to hold a forum on the Asylum Seeker issue “a bold initiative”.  A three day Bali tourist could have told Rudd that the SBY government is more commonly known as NATO (No Action Talk Only).


Religious Intolerance, Military and Police Abuses of Power, Increased Corruption and Thuggery are daily occurrences as the SBY Government holds daily impotent “talks”.  The cringing beggary by Rudd for the resumption of the live cattle trade is equally hard to stomach.  Make no mistake, the torture and abuse of these animals was a blight on both Australia and Indonesia, however the inept handling of the issue by the Labor government was unforgivable.  To pretend now that Indonesia has cleaned up it’s act is a sick joke.  In yet another twilight zone moment, Rudd went on to say  “Indonesia has some of the best feedlots and abattoir practices in the world” A statement that is simply and provable abject nonsense.  K.Rudd must know this or he is fool, a liar or both?


Anyone with any doubt about Indonesia’s commitment to ethical treatment of animals only has to visit the houses of filth and death more commonly called the Jakarta and Surabaya Zoos.  Or for a real stomach turning experience wait and watch the orgy of blood and pain as every street has a fool with a blunt knife pretending to be a butcher for a yearly religious festival. The streets literally run with blood and the pitiful cries of badly slaughtered animals fills the air.


Never the less, rest assured the one thing Indonesian politicians are good at, is smelling easy money. Indonesia knows full well Rudd needs a nice headline from this trip.  The only question is how many millions Rudd is willing to throw at Indonesia to achieve it.

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of morons who have no idea about Indonesia. Who was the complete twit writing the article in The Australian Business pages praising an Indonesian Wealth Management Company recommending a long view on Bumi Shares.



Down and Dirty

If one was to only to read the loony con right blogs and even some of the press about Indonesia then it may be logical for one to assume that Indonesia is a hotbed of Islamic Radicals and nutters.  It is also virtually impossible for any rational person to suggest that the Government has is paying anything but lip service to the basic and fundamental rights to Indonesian minority religious and ethnic groups……BUT……

English: Dangdut singer Yan Vellia at Pesta Ke...

That said, as a music lover I doubt there is a country in the world with as a diverse, active and accessible music scene as Indonesia.  I have just returned from a lengthy work related trip throughout Java (primarily Jakarta and Surabaya) and had once again more than enough choices to slate my diverse tastes in live music.    One of the great things about Indonesia is there is no stigma on at what age one should be indulging in the live music arena.  Indonesian music crowds are some of the friendliest and safest in the world (although crowd control and facility safety leaves at bit to be desired).  Of course, your author is still young, vital and driven but hardly likely to be confused for a callow youth as they say,  so the fact that one can still indulge in one’s passions live and sweaty is a bonus.

With very little effort, an oigal could be found indulging in Indonesian Jazz, sweet, dirty and one must say full-on sex laden rock, some traditional and not so traditional Dangdut.  In venues ranging from five star to a place on the wharves of Surabaya aka an Indonesian rave. Refreshments ranged from over-priced, imported booze to places where an inordinate amount of water was consumed in a veil of very sweet scented fog.

Tanti Kotak Band

Tanti Kotak Band

If you really are interested in Indonesian Music then I suggest visit MADROTTER (http://madrotter-treasure-hunt.blogspot.com) for the technical details.  If you just want to get into it and get down, dirty and sexy then just ask around.  Generally very safe (although don’t take a fat wallet) and great fun.  Try and avoid expatriate laden bars of Jalan Jaksa etc for advice unless you are looking for purely cover bands and flesh pits.  At the risk of sounding arrogant, the generally speaking the worst people to ask about Indonesia are expatriates in the first instance.

Anyway have fun in this land of music…I do