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Aceh’s Daughters Vaginas – Sizes and Descriptions

Aceh is a physically a very beautiful part of Indonesia but with recent limited automony allowing the introduction of Sharia Law,  Aceh has become Indonesia’s intolerant, perverted creepy Uncle.

The province is now better known for its uniformed religious thugs kidnapping young teenagers off the streets for daring to hold hands or nonsensical regulations such as women must ride motor bikes side saddle.


However in a simply bizarre news story oozing out of Aceh, it appears the creepy uncles have reached a new low.  The Jakarta Post reports today:

“A junior high school in Sabang, Aceh, apparently cares so much about its students that it is asking about the sizes of their penises, vaginas and breasts in its registration forms.

One of the forms, there was a questionaire with graphics depicting breasts, vaginas and penises and under each of them, there were four options – from small to large – that a student needed to circle”

penis measure

The mind boogles at what Junior High School girl would be expected to circle when asked how big her vagina is?  This is a sick and depraved part of Indonesia and anyone who thinks Sharia Law or a vote for one of the Islamist Parties (PKS) is the answer to the countries ills should look long and hard at what occurs here.



Shariah vs Twitter Aceh Indonesia

One of the more encouraging signs in Indonesia this week was the report this week that a number of people in Aceh are using social media (twitter, facebook) to criticize the implementation of Sharia Law much to the outrage of Arabian named Indonesians who called it a …yawn…a conspiracy.

Aceh long suffered a civil war which only ceased after the devastation resulting from a tsunami.  Under an agreement with the central government, Aceh province was placed under Shariah Law with tragic results for women and human rights in general.  Aceh remains one of the most beautiful provinces in Indonesia and one of the worst ever to visit thanks to the constant harassment by barely literate thugs posing as representatives of Religion.

Aceh’s little experiment at least disproves the common kampung myth that if we just had Shariah Law everything would be alright.  Although one would think with the porn and beef antics of the PKS and other religious based parties you would not need to see the whipping of young girls to rationally assess that Shariah has no place in the modern world.

A quick look at of the more notable Shariah achievements in Aceh include:

Imprisonment and rape by so called Religious Police

Detention of Women for not riding motorcycles side saddle (WTF)

Whipping of young women for selling food during Ramadhan

Cultural Vandalism including banning of Acehnese women from performing traditional dances

A brave "masked" servant of God whips a young girl for daring to sell food during Ramadhan. The pride of humanity.

A brave “masked” servant of God whips a young girl for daring to sell food during Ramadhan. The pride of humanity.

“The government in Aceh has claimed a social media movement is aiming to discredit Shariah law in the province, though it has refused to provide any details on who may be behind it.

“We recognize there are still parties who are unhappy with the implementation of Islamic Shariah in Aceh,” Syahrizal Abbas, the head of Aceh’s provincial Shariah agency, said on Friday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Syahrizal urged all parties in the province to use mass media and social media to promote positive perceptions of Islam. (“Here’s a tip, stop whipping little girls“.Stump)

Yasir Yusuf, (“good Indonesian name..not”..Stump) the head of the Aceh branch of the Indonesian Cleric Association (Ikadi), echoed Syahrizal’s sentiments and said he had observed efforts to undermine the Islamization of Aceh.

“Their movement is really academic and systematic. It involves social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter,” said Yasir, who is also a professor at an Islamic institute in Banda Aceh.

He also claimed the group behind the scheme often held prejudiced discussions on Shariah.

“Their talks quote national and international media sources, even though such news is formatted to create stereotypes about Islamic Shariah in Aceh,” Yasir said.

The implementation of Shariah law, which nominally applies to all Muslims in the province including police officers and government officials, has long been criticized by human rights groups.

Recently, North Aceh’s district head banned all adult women from dancing when welcoming guests in North Aceh because such actions “damage Islamic Shariah values.”

Additionally, a police officer was publicly caned for violating Shariah law last month.”