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Australian Republic

Well another royal baby has been born and jolly good luck to them.  Whilst the Queen (via the Governor General) remains Australia’s Head of State it is unlikely Boy George (imaginative lot when it comes to names) will ever occupy the same position in Australia.

Boy George em sua apresentação como DJ na boat...

Future Boy George? 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whilst Australia voted against a Republic some years ago, this was more due to a flawed model (Politicians wanted to the right to elect the President not the people), a lingering affection for a rather lovely old granny and the general apathy of the people than a burning desire to rule by some foreign King.  Frankly, the Monarchy in Australia is just a quaint old tradition that has long since worn out its usefulness but like an old sheepdog, no one really cares if it hangs around until it passes quietly in the night.

We wish boy George all the best not sure if it is an ideal life for a child as a taxpayer and hideously expensive tourist attraction somewhat like the Singapore Zoo without the educational benefits. Now if we could just get that flag changed.



The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing:

Despite the views of one rather repugnant views of one resident and ignorant expatriate blogger, the mass slaughters that took place during rise of the new order and toppling of Sukarno are nothing for Individuals or the nation to celebrate.  Despite the revisionist history this period was one marked by blood and government  sanctioned, cowardice and cruelty.  Many would say the lack of accountability for the atrocities that took place laid the groundwork for the blanket disregard for human rights that continues in many forms to this day.

A very confronting documentary “The Act of Killing,” by Joshua Oppenheimer and released last year recounts the slaughters committed in 1965-66 in primarily through the eyes of perpetrators.  It is gut wrenching to watch as people oft regarded as heroes  exposed by their own words as vile and evil human beings.  One particular piece of human trash and still highly respected in its community details how he raped and killed hundreds of girls particularly relishing the young ones of 14 and 15 as they are still fresh.  The girls crimes, maybe they were communists which of course is absolute nonsense.

Do find the time to watch the movie and do recall it when someone next to you proclaims the proud and noble fight for Indonesia’s stained soul.


PKS calls for AIDs victims to be punished

The PKS party in Indonesia, despite its nonsensical sanctimonious rantings about morality is better known for its members embarrassing habit of getting caught up in Porn and Graft scandals, not to mention running little harams of young female mistresses.

English: IPSF HIV/AIDS Campaign Logo

English: IPSF HIV/AIDS Campaign Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet, in a jaw dropping statement of ignorance and prejudice by one of its members that transcends even the usual outrageous and low standards for the PKS, the party proved yet again it has no place in a civilised and educated society. It was reported today PKS Legislator Wirianingsih maliciously drooled that AIDS patients should not be covered under Government Health Care Program due to start in 2014.

This profoundly ignorant woman (and term woman is used loosely) stated:

“Why should the people with HIV/AIDS be given free medicine? They should be punished because it is their fault what is causing them to suffer from HIV/AIDS”

Punished for AIDs? How much more does this idiotic tool of a woman want someone to suffer?

One can only assume, this human liability is equating AIDs to the that infantile PKS (and other religious nutters) fantasy that AIDS is God’s punishment for a “liberal” sexual lifestyle.  Of course, in Indonesia AIDs is rampant, thanks to an abysmal record of disease control in hospitals and government corruption (in which the KPS is a platinum record holder).  Every year tens of thousands of young girls are forced into prostitution with idiot men refusing to wear condoms as the only means to survive.  Not that the hard line Islamic Parties can comment much with the high degree of homosexual fumblings as normal social interaction between boys and girls is increasingly mutilated in the name of religion.

Wiri should probably be wary of what she says, with the Indonesian and PKS tradition of virtually every male of means having a couple of mistresses on the side.  There is a very real chance that Karma will come riding in on a blood and sperm soaked charger.

Pity Indonesia, with legislators as pig ignorant as this.

Indonesian Minister’s Arrogance on Display

A particularly arrogant gentleman known as Minister (sadly) Agung Laksono has made a determined push to be recognised as Indonesian most arrogant idiot in a challenging field of morons, simpletons, and two bit hustlers with a supremely stupid (or bald face lie) statement about the environmental disaster that is the Indonesian Destruction of her Forests.

What is worse than ignorance.

What is worse than ignorance.

In a statement reported today in the Jakarta Globe, Laksono declared the massive fires raging in Sumatra were just “nature”. Considering that even a primary school child knows these fires are deliberately lit by greedy scum seeking to clear fast forests for Palm Plantations, that makes the Minister either one of the most ignorant in Indonesia or he has trouble with telling the truth.  The question remains remains why?

What a national disgrace…yes We mean both the fires and the minister!

Singapore's Downtown Core on 7 October 2006, w...


“Indonesia on Thursday accused Singapore of “behaving like a child” by complaining about severe haze from raging forest fires on Sumatra island that has cloaked the city-state.

“Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise,” Agung Laksono, the minister who is coordinating Indonesia’s response to the haze crisis, told reporters in Jakarta.

“This is not what the Indonesian nation wants, it is because of nature.”

The minister for people’s welfare also said Jakarta would reject any offer of financial aid from Singapore unless it was a large amount.

“Unless (Singapore) wants to give us a large amount, we won’t consider accepting it,” he said. “If it is only half a million, or one million dollars, we don’t need that. We would rather use our own national budget.”

The comments came as the neighbours prepared to hold emergency talks in Jakarta to ease the severe smog enveloping the city-state.

Singapore’s air pollutant index was again hovering around the “hazardous” level of 301 at midday, close to the all-time high of 321 set the night before. Any reading above 200 is considered threatening to health.

Laksono said investigations were under way to find out which company was responsible for the haze.

“There are Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian companies there,” he said, echoing previous comments from officials in Jakarta seeking to shift the blame away from solely Indonesian firms”

Indonesia covers Asia in Smoke

Sad Kiani

Smarter and more honourable than the talking heads

Indonesia’s environment record is beyond abysmal should be considered treason with  punishments to match.

Fires on Borneo in 2006. Fires in peat—thick l...


Frankly, Indonesia’s commitment to the environment is a sick joke. Even the Orangutans being burned out of their homes know that these yearly burnings are planned and created by individuals to reduce 1000’s of hectares of jungle to ash and ready for Palm Oil plantations.


To Indonesia’s shame once again this treachery against the nation is only possible by the corrupt and complicit actions  of both federal and local government officials.

It is almost physically sickening watching people from the President down waffling on about Indonesia’s improving environmental record.  The contempt for the intelligence of the  people listening is astounding.  Worse is the contempt for the future of Indonesia’s people.  History shall judge these people harshly, in the meantime one can only hope that karma delivers the rewards these people deserve.