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FPI and other assorted soilings

Indonesia is blighted with a number of organisations that like to claim the moral high ground but in fact they represent the very rotting, fetid base one finds under the rocks of intolerance and bigotry.  Think PKS and FPI for a quick glance at what is soiling Indonesia.

The FPI in particular claim to represent Islam and the people when the reality is they are despised by the majority of Indonesians as little more than thugs for hire.  Curiously the FPI like to refer to themselves as warriors for Islam yet on every occasion they have encountered resistance where they did not out number the victims ten to one they have scurried back under their rocks before you could say “Look at the ladyboys dressed like Arabs”.  Sadly in one such rout, the thugs hit a pregnant woman with a vehicle and dragged her 50m killing her.

Take a look at the picture below with the head thug, dressed as a Arab from a bad hollywood movie riding in American Jeep (ha, ha, ha) and ask yourself “Do you really think these idiots represent Indonesia”  Meanwhile one hopes the government is trawling through the tax records of the FPI and tracing the ownership of the Jeep for tax avoidance investigations.





Indonesia Bans Alcohol and Sex

Well Ramadan the Muslim fasting month is here. Sadly in Indonesia, Ramadan has become less about religious observance but more an excuse for sad little minority thug groups like the FPI to display their intolerance and ignorance.

The FPI loosely translated from Indonesian means “Islamic Defender’s Front”, which frankly is a disgrace as it would be difficult to think of a rabble that do more to bring the name of Islam into disrepute more than these sexually insecure, mommy boys.  Historically, they were created as “shadow” gang to serve as proxy for “connected” government identities.  There is little to suggest that is still not the case.

Indonesia's Shame
Indonesia’s Shame

The FPI claim to be Defenders of Islam is certainly fraudulent as evidenced by the selectivity of the targets of their cowardly violence, theft and abuse.  It is almost laughable when these morons start targeting what they call “sinful” places when it is obvious to all that Money, Connections and above all strength of numbers (The FPI never attack when there is a chance of a fair fight) decides what place is targeted for violence.  Who could forget the hilarious sight of the heroic FPI cowering in their plane behind female flight attendants when they landed in Kalimantan and were met by a justifiably outraged Dayak community.

In this year’s Ramadan piece of FPI stupidity an application to the Supreme Court for local governments have the right to prohibit Alcohol was granted.  Of course, this is country already ravaged by illegal grog shops killing people with menthol and we obviously have learned nothing for the failure of prohibition the world over. Still every corrupt copper must be rubbing their hands with glee at the coming windfall.

Does it matter? Not really! After the grand Jakarta Rally for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate demonstrated the inability of hardline minority groups to count, let alone dispose of their own waste there is little chance of rational person regarding these morons with anything but contempt.

Curiously, it is puzzling why like the FPI and others can call for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate and the dismantling of democracy and not be considered traitors to the state.  Even more curious when you consider just raising the RMS or Morning Star Flag will land you years in prison.

Lastly, in an effort to top last year’s FPI howler where expatriates were responsible for the prositute trade (where every Expat would in the country would have been responsible for supporting over 380 working girls a year, and boy is he tired!). Adul Nutcase declared only tourists and expatriates drink alcohol.

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Religious Intolerance Poisoning Indonesia

In a country that is (in) famous for its blasphemy laws it never ceases to amaze me that the majority of the population is prepared to accept moronic, deadbeats dressing up as imitation Arabs and embarrassing Indonesia and Islam.


It is hard to imagine that the creature in this picture has contributed anything to the society it has dwelt except hate and virulence.  Of course, intolerant morons and oxygen thieves exist in any society, what is of far more concern is when a Minister of a so called democratic government actually supports and encourages such behavior.

To most (but not those who have lived in Indonesia for any length of time) it beggars belief that Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali publicly supported provincial bans on the Ahmadiyah group and suggested that religious tolerance could only be attained by converting Ahmadiyah and Shiite members to the mainstream form of Sunni Islam.  The mind numbing stupidity and bigotry of the comment is astounding more so as this ‘gentlemen’ is supposed to be safe guarding the religious practices and affairs of ALL Indonesians.

It is not true these creatures have widespread support from the majority of Indonesians.  Sadly, it is unlikely that creatures like that in the picture or the poorly named Minister of Religious Affairs will cease their assaults on the plurality and customs of true Indonesians but the question remains can Indonesia stand up and say enough before it is too late.

Do take the time to read the related new articles on the ongoing and unprovoked assaults on Indonesians doing  what you and I take for granted.

One consolation we can take from this, the future of idiot in the picture holds nothing but a bitter, lonely, ignorant old man sitting in the gutter of some run down Kampung in Java.  Karma has its own way of evening the score.

From the Jakarta Globe today

“For the 13th year in a row, Indonesia has been included on a watchlist of countries with appalling religious freedoms.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom said that Indonesia’s tradition of pluralism had been strained in recent years by “ongoing sectarian tensions, societal violence and the arrest of individuals considered religiously deviant.”

Dwindling religious tolerance in Aceh, which has adopted its own interpretation of Shariah law, is specifically highlighted in the report, including the closure of 29 churches and five Buddhist temples in the district of Singkil and the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, during the past year.

The report also mentions last November’s attack on an allegedly heretical sect in Aceh’s Bireuen district that killed the sect leader, Tengku Ayub Syakuban, and one of his students. None of the around 100 people participating in the attack have been arrested.

The impunity enjoyed by the people behind the Bireuen attack is not unique, with hard-line groups operating freely with few consequences, harassing religious minorities, destroying places of worship and pressuring local officials to detain and restrict those accused of blasphemy and proselytizing minority faiths, the report says.

Last month, the Surabaya District Court in East Java acquitted Rois Al-Hukama of orchestrating a deadly anti-Shiite rampage in Sampang district, Madura Island, that left two people dead in 2012.

A mob of 500 Sunni Muslims rampaged through a village in Sampang’s Omben subdistrict on Aug. 26, hacking one Shiite Muslim to death and setting fire to more than 30 homes. Those who remained in the region, or refused to convert to Sunni Islam, were forced to live in spartan conditions in an unadorned sports complex. Nearly one year on, the community still lives in exile.”

TNI Soldiers stand tall against formidable high school student

The TNI (Indonesian Defence Force) continue to cover themselves in glory.  Less than a month after enlisted soldiers burst into an Indonesian Gaol and executed four prisoners who had been accused of murdering one their own at a “nightclub”.  The Defenders of the Nation were again at their best after terrorising a high school student who had the misfortune of having a motorcycle accident with a TNI member (I use the term member in the gentilia fashion here).

The Jakarta Globe reports (http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/ten-soldiers-named-suspects-in-pdi-p-office-attack/587297)

“Ten soldiers have been accused of assaulting several security officers at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) in Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta……..Three security guards at the PDI-P’s headquarters were attacked by the soldiers on Saturday night after one of the guards tried to mediate an argument between a soldier and a student following a minor motorcycle accident.  The student proceeded to run into the PDI-P office, but was chased out. However, a few of the soldiers searched the premises and injured the guards in the process.”

In a classic piece of denial of responsibility Indonesian military chief Adm. Agus Suhartono was reported by the Globe as saying

“The public must view the event as an isolated occurrence and not blame the institution itself. The incident at the PDI-P office was a personal issue. It is not the army’s [problem],” Agus.”

As a ex member of the profession of arms, it stuns one how if old Agus did make such a statement then why is still holding his position.  In any professional Defence Force such comments and lack of discipline would warrant instant dismissal.  Despite the nonsensical history taught in Indonesian schools, the TNI do not have particularly bright and noble history.  Rather than battle honours the institution is riddled with allegations of graft, corruption and human rights abuses going back decades.  There is little doubt in most analysts minds of TNI involvement in the abuse and torture of Indonesian citizens in East Timor, Jakarta in 1998 and currently in Papua.  The abuses and TNI sanctioned violence that left over 500,000 Indonesians dead in 1965 is well documented.

Yet for all this, somehow Indonesians still look to the military for leadership with the result that only in Indonesia could you have two ex TNI generals standing for election as President. Both of these creatures could potentially face arrest for alleged human rights abuses at any time in the future…go figure..

It pays to keep in mind that bane of Indonesian Society and the collection of petty thugs, thieves and bullies better know as the FPI is a TNI creation and not as some of the more ignorant believe just another radical Islamic group.  Of course, the selective nature of FPI targets would soon disavow any rational person from the notion the FPI serves any high purpose other than doing jobs others want a degree of separation from.

Meanwhile just how brave do you have to be to gun down people locked behind bars or to terrorize a high school student.  A another proud day for the profession of arms..thanks guys..for nothing.

FPI Cowards attack Ahmadiyah Muslims avoiding one on one action..

12 April 2014, Those paragons of virtue and bravery, the FPI and a bunch of other local louts attacked three Ahmadiyah mosques in Cianjur, West Java.

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Islamic Defenders Front

Islamic Defenders Front

We should not be surprised as two of the great myths of Indonesia are:

1.  Indonesia is a democracy.

2.  Indonesia is religiously tolerant.

The first myth is a little more difficult to disprove than the second.  Suffice to say that Indonesian politics is shallow and the entire system exists for the protection of very small group of elite Robber Barron with the little people merely grist for the mill.

The second myth is such palpable nonsense it beggars belief that a veritable conga line of Western Leaders including Obama, Rudd and Gillard fall over themselves lauding Indonesia’s religious tolerance.

OK for starters, the State arrogantly decrees only six religious shall be officially recognized (curiously and only in Indonesia, Christians and Catholics get their own divisions).  Literally dozens of churches have been looted, shuttered or burned over the past two years. The relatively lowly educated Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali in an endless parade of verbal nonsense continuously blames minorities for bringing the problem upon themselves..  Although to be fair to Ali, as you can see in the picture, he is apparently a confused old man not sure if he is Arab, Indonesian or something in between.


However, one should not think the religious violence and oppression is limited to anti-christian protests, as indicated above Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists anyone can find themselves on the bottom of state sanctioned muggings and there seems little will to change things.

Make no mistake, the FPI and their cowardly clones are state sanctioned and funded.  It is reported that the “FPI might have taken justice into their own hands because of their alleged closeness with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and is related to the memorandum of understanding between the FPI and Ahmad Heryawan when he was campaigning as a governor candidate,”


Sadly and to Indonesia’s shame, the general public (with exception of the Dayaks in Kalimantan)  continue tolerate these FPI bullies and thugs.  Until (or if) that changes then Indonesia will continue its downward spiral into a cesspool of hate and intolerance.  Then again middle class and educated in Indonesia means you drink at Starbucks and own three handphones not that you are socially aware or compassionate.

Frankly one despairs if Indonesia will ever stand up to these culture and tradition vandals.