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FPI and other assorted soilings

Indonesia is blighted with a number of organisations that like to claim the moral high ground but in fact they represent the very rotting, fetid base one finds under the rocks of intolerance and bigotry.  Think PKS and FPI for a quick glance at what is soiling Indonesia.

The FPI in particular claim to represent Islam and the people when the reality is they are despised by the majority of Indonesians as little more than thugs for hire.  Curiously the FPI like to refer to themselves as warriors for Islam yet on every occasion they have encountered resistance where they did not out number the victims ten to one they have scurried back under their rocks before you could say “Look at the ladyboys dressed like Arabs”.  Sadly in one such rout, the thugs hit a pregnant woman with a vehicle and dragged her 50m killing her.

Take a look at the picture below with the head thug, dressed as a Arab from a bad hollywood movie riding in American Jeep (ha, ha, ha) and ask yourself “Do you really think these idiots represent Indonesia”  Meanwhile one hopes the government is trawling through the tax records of the FPI and tracing the ownership of the Jeep for tax avoidance investigations.





Ramadan and Atheists in Indonesia

As it is currently Ramadan in Indonesia (and elsewhere) with public servants even harder to arouse from stupor than normal, it is appropriate that we take a look at what must be one of the most secretive sects in Indonesia, the atheists.

An atheist in Indonesia runs the very real risk of being charged with blasphemy or worse.  In absence of any real sense of history or education, vast swathes of the population ignorantly equate atheism with communism.  Nor should one expect those views to change anytime soon as it would require the two largest Muslim organisations to acknowledge their active and willing participation in the slaughter of millions of their innocent countrymen during the rise of the Soeharto’s new order.

Suharto was the military president of Indonesi...

Suharto was the military president of Indonesia from 1967 to 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the above in mind, it was mildly surprising that the local english newspaper ran an article on the trials and tribulation of being an Atheist in Indonesia today.  Do take the time to read:

To be fair to Islam, the Stump should confess that only recently our presence was required at a local International School where some expatriate parents thought it was appropriate to utilise the facilities and conduct classes in their particular brand of Christianity during school hours.  It was explained in no uncertain terms that:

1.  You want to use the facilities then you lease them, secular parents should not have to pay for propagation of any creation myth.

2.  You conduct your cult’s activities outside of school hours and away from impressionable children.

UPDATE : A couple of the young (14 & 16) Indonesian female cousins appeared last night to “break” fast at the Stump as always better to gorge on someone else’s dollar and it is almost and art form at this time of year. Upon listening at length to the cousin’s delivering the sermon on how the fasting and the sacrifice helps bring them closer to God and cleanse them anew (and by inference non fasters are lesser mortals),  the Stump offered to pay $100 to a charity of their choice for every week during Ramadan they would leave their facebook, twitter, instagram etc enabled hand phone with us.  Suffice to say, no additional budgeting needed at the Stump.  Perhaps the next post should be titled Ritual Vs Substance or Sacrifice Vs Posturing.

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Indonesia Bans Alcohol and Sex

Well Ramadan the Muslim fasting month is here. Sadly in Indonesia, Ramadan has become less about religious observance but more an excuse for sad little minority thug groups like the FPI to display their intolerance and ignorance.

The FPI loosely translated from Indonesian means “Islamic Defender’s Front”, which frankly is a disgrace as it would be difficult to think of a rabble that do more to bring the name of Islam into disrepute more than these sexually insecure, mommy boys.  Historically, they were created as “shadow” gang to serve as proxy for “connected” government identities.  There is little to suggest that is still not the case.

Indonesia's Shame
Indonesia’s Shame

The FPI claim to be Defenders of Islam is certainly fraudulent as evidenced by the selectivity of the targets of their cowardly violence, theft and abuse.  It is almost laughable when these morons start targeting what they call “sinful” places when it is obvious to all that Money, Connections and above all strength of numbers (The FPI never attack when there is a chance of a fair fight) decides what place is targeted for violence.  Who could forget the hilarious sight of the heroic FPI cowering in their plane behind female flight attendants when they landed in Kalimantan and were met by a justifiably outraged Dayak community.

In this year’s Ramadan piece of FPI stupidity an application to the Supreme Court for local governments have the right to prohibit Alcohol was granted.  Of course, this is country already ravaged by illegal grog shops killing people with menthol and we obviously have learned nothing for the failure of prohibition the world over. Still every corrupt copper must be rubbing their hands with glee at the coming windfall.

Does it matter? Not really! After the grand Jakarta Rally for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate demonstrated the inability of hardline minority groups to count, let alone dispose of their own waste there is little chance of rational person regarding these morons with anything but contempt.

Curiously, it is puzzling why like the FPI and others can call for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate and the dismantling of democracy and not be considered traitors to the state.  Even more curious when you consider just raising the RMS or Morning Star Flag will land you years in prison.

Lastly, in an effort to top last year’s FPI howler where expatriates were responsible for the prositute trade (where every Expat would in the country would have been responsible for supporting over 380 working girls a year, and boy is he tired!). Adul Nutcase declared only tourists and expatriates drink alcohol.

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English Defence League and Islamists = ?


bin-laden-family-70s (Photo credit: joelogon)

Recently read where one of the pigs offal who ran down beheaded  off duty English serviceman Lee Rigby shrilled “I am a Soldier”.   No it’s not! It is a piece of cowardly human garbage  who never has nor ever will contribute anything useful to humanity.  Most professional soldiers understand the meaning of duty, honour and courage none of the terms could even be worn on a tshirt by this low life.

Like the other cowards and dogs who think blowing up or murdering innocents in the name or religion somehow improves the lot of their co-religionists the creature is fool as well as coward.  The life of every Muslim on the planet has been made harder and more miserable since the spoilt and deranged child Bin Laden had other fools die in the cowardly attacks in USA.  SInce that time any number of morons have shouted Allah Akbar and further brought misery to Muslims and non Muslims alike.  What did they achieve?  Nothing except empower  fellow moronic, bigot groups like the English Defence League.

Speaking of the English Defence League, what more can one say but watch the clip  


Ever since the Boston Bombings and the beheading by murderous and cowardly low lifes, we have had an endless parade of numpties proclaiming these acts have nothing to do with Islam or the religion of peace.

Frankly that is an absolute nonsense and an insult to human intelligence.  The facts remain these bottom feeders are the ones shouting Allah and Jihad as they carry out their hideous acts. We all know there are any number of Mosques in both the West and elsewhere where barely literate morons encourage others to maim and hurt with nary a squirm from the more rational believers,

Moron for Islam

The face of Islam?

It is at best disingenuous, at worst an outright lie to suggest that critics of these acts are falsely blaming Islam by taking Koranic Texts out of context or mistranslated.  It is not relevant if any outsider takes the text out context (even if true), it is not “outsiders” who are taking those texts as a justification for barbarity.  It is the height of denial to presume to lecture others on misunderstanding Islam when the problem is within.

Until rational people take reject the hate preachers and the murderers both within the mosque and without spare me the “poor bugger me, we are misunderstood crap”.  As with the rampant child abuse within the Catholic Church until rational believers take back the high moral ground from the creeps, perverts and murderers you have no right to demand understanding.

Words cannot describe my contempt for these scum who carry out these acts in the name of Islam.  As a member of a predominantly Muslim family, we are at the very real risk of family members being hurt by equally moronic right wing groups (aka EDL) taking cowardly retribution on innocent family members being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thanks Morons!

It is not up to the West to change but for all rational Muslims to say enough and purge the scum from the ranks.  And spare me the excuses!

British Soldier Murdered by Pigs

Cowardly pigs murdered an English Soldier last night may he rest in peace.

The usual nonsense spouted about Allah and avenging Muslims (of course that far more Muslims are incarcerated and murdered every day by fellow Muslims is just too much to comprehend by these morons).  Once again, innocent Muslims will have to bear the brunt of the repercussions of these cowards.

That said, how much longer must rational people put up with muted and mealy mouthed condemnations from the Muslim Community.  If Muslim Communities in the UK want to be taken seriously then they would be frog marching a plethora of these creatures to the police for prosecution.  Pigs like this do not exist in isolation as much as some would have or wish others believe. As much as I deplore the attitude and actions of the far right loons, scum such as these murderers only empower the bigotry that is sure to follow. Only the Muslim Community itself can ultimately take back their religion from the ignorant and the cowards.   Do we think it will happen?  No, religion is its own curse.

You can bet that the pigs involved have never contributed anything of any value in any community in which they dwelled.  Life’s’ losers, their contribution on the planet is murder and a legacy of hate towards Muslims.  Yet somewhere, somehow others were protecting these loons in the name of brotherhood.

The Royal Artillery Barracks.

The Royal Artillery Barracks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)aly mouthed condemnation of such cowards in the name of religious brotherhood.  If the Muslim community in the UK and elsewhere wants to be taken seriously then we should see a plethora of these creatures frog marched to the police for prosecution.    Pigs like these do not live in isolation and it is not acceptable to wash your hands of the problem by whimpering “Oh but that’s not real Islam” .  The reality is yes that is real Islam today, That is the public face of Islam and the problem lies within not without.

LONDON (Reuters) – A British soldier was hacked to death by two men shouting Islamic slogans in a south London street on Wednesday, in what the government said appeared to be a terrorist attack.

A dramatic clip filmed by an onlooker just minutes after the killing showed a man with hands covered in blood, brandishing a bloodied meat cleaver and a knife.

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day,” the black man in his 20s or 30s, wearing a wool jacket and jeans and speaking with a local accent, shouted in the footage obtained by Britain’s ITV news channel.

“This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The attack was the first apparent Islamist killing in London since suicide bombers struck transport in July 2005. The capital was shocked by the bizarre scene of a killer covered in gore, declaring his motive to onlookers.

Police shot the two suspects while trying to arrest them, and the wounded men were taken into custody. No information was immediately released about the identity of the suspects, but two sources familiar with the investigation told Reuters authorities were investigating a possible link to Nigeria.

“I apologize that women had to witness that, but in our lands our women have to see the same thing. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you,” the videotaped man said before crossing the street and speaking casually to the other attacker.

Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a visit to France to return to London and chair an emergency national security meeting.

“The police are urgently seeking the full facts about this case but there are strong indications that it is a terrorist incident,” Cameron said before cutting short talks with French President Francois Hollande to return home.

“We have had these sorts of attacks before in our country and we never buckle in the face of them,” he said.

The attack happened on the edge of London’s sprawling Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, a south London working class district which has long-standing historic links to the military.


It appears they have captured and in once case dispensed with the twisted people responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Sadly even more people died in the process  however a degree of swift closure has been achieved.

Boston Marathon 2013 ... Confronting Terror in...

Boston Marathon 2013 … Confronting Terror in Boston —

I really struggle to grasp what these morons hope to achieve.  All these creatures have managed to do is to make life even more difficult for Muslims and other immigrants around the world.  You can almost feel the far right loonies drooling at another excuse to vent their hatred and xenophobic nonsense.

As for the other end of the scale there has been some attempt to suggest some sort of moral equivalency between what occurred in Boston and US actions in Iraq and elsewhere.  This is just absolutely repugnant and infantile nonsense.  No matter what the your political leanings, the difference is one side goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties.  The other side revels in the death of innocents and actively and cravenly seeks shelter amongst them.

Acknowledging that the far right loons are factual deserts, the fact remains Muslim world must collectively take action against those who continually place ownership of such heinous acts on ALLAH.  As long as the Muslim world continues to allow such acts as indiscriminate bombings, acid attacks on women and celebrations on the murder of innocents, then they cannot expect to be treated as part of the civilised world community.


As frustrating as it is, it would appear that I have over estimated the intelligence of humanity once again (or perhaps just poor writing).  In the previous paragraph, I alluded to the Muslim    World taking taking responsibility for the actions of the demented minority.  By Muslim World, I mean those despotic governments who assist or ignore those who refuse to enter the community of nations.  Now you xenophobics and morons it is neither brave nor intelligent to abuse someone on the street because they happen to wearing a Jilbab or are obvious Muslims.  As for the idiots in Australian currently demanding an end to Muslim immigration, it might pay you to learn a little history.  Muslims have been a part of the Australian DNA since the beginning (Hint…why do we call the train THE GHAN)