More Government Officials fixated on Schoolgirl Virgins

You can almost here the dirty old men salivating as yet another government official jumps on the Sumatra Virgin Bandwagon.

In the latest UPDATE: Education Head, HM Raysid now claims he was misquoted and
was only advising the parents of girl that if they were worried about
her reputation they should have her tested.  Methinks…Pants on Fire!

Meanwhile, Hasrul Azwar, member of the House of Representatives’ Commission VIII
overseeing religion from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said that
it was necessary for schools to carry out virginity tests once in a
while due to rampant promiscuity among students.


az (Photo credit: sonounribellemamma)

Of course, no sane person takes anything that anyone from the PKS party says seriously
as they can have ply demonstrated their obsession with squalid little
affairs and remain mired in corruption ..ahem..allegations for
corruption in the beef import scandals.

Here’s a free tip Azwar, seek help for your fevered imagination about school children and
concentrate on cleaning the filth out of your own party.  Physician heal thyself.


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