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Prime Minister Abbott and Foreign Aid

Australia has a new Prime Minister, although it could be said Australia has not had a real Prime Minister for the last six years.  Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott is the new man and although a bit too religious for the taste of some, he seems a fundamentally decent bloke. Having someone wtith at least some principles which will make a nice change from the sad run of self servers Australia has had to endure during the tenure of the Australian Labor Party.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Labor Party got throughly trounced and it is hard to believe that so many still dont get why? Labour ran a shambolic campaign based on thought bubbles and fraulent charges of false costings.

Firstly, let’s dispence with costings nonsense, all parties will resist releasing any costings until the last minute. Why take the chance on providing free ammunition? Sorry when did the Labour party release their costings in 2007 was it one or two days before?

Laughably, the more Labor’s rusted on, inner twits raved about costings, the more it reminded joe average about labour’s litany of billion dollar budget and surplus misses. The Libs could not have planned it better. Seriously was there anyone in Australia who believed Gillard and Swan on the returns to surplus? Penny Wong was probably one of the best operators for the future of the ALP but after standing time after time behind the money clowns is now throughly compromised.

Bleating about Abbott cutting foreign aid? Seriously? Let’s look close to home for a start. Billions of dollars to Indonesia and meanwhile Indonesia uses that aid to help the poorest? Well actually no they don’t.  Indonesia has just received the another few Russian Jet fighters, 100 Leopard Tanks and now just signed off on a whole new batch of Apache Helicopters. Now call me naive, but Leopard Tanks and Apache choppers do not normally make the best delivery platform for aid delivery. Is there anyone in the real world who does not think foreign aid does not need a massive review?  Shall we talk about the billion of foreign aid misused (ok fraudlently misused) dumping free wads of cash in order to secure UN votes and promptly dumped once we had what we needed? Gee must be me because savings here seem a no brainer, add integrity and have billions.

Leopard Tanks

Leopard Tanks

The ALP campaign was a disaster, from the clown who said he wanted to move away from negative, it turned out that’s all EX PM Rudd had besides ill thought out nonsense like  “let’s move the Navy (how’s the costings on that?) NBN (How’s the costings on that?), Special Tax Zones..(costings amongst laughter). Of course, the attempts to attack the man brutally backfired. You may not like Abbott as traditional or overly religious or conservative but in a judgement of personal attributtes a pompous little public servant bully was exposed to the public by both his own party history. Again ask Joe Average who he would want living next door to him, Kevin (I dont care if your house is on fire just dont let it near me) Rudd or Abbott. Climate Change????  Oooh the warmest winter. Come on guys, the public is sick of this hyperbole and those kind of time frame references just make you look silly.

Critically, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not care about the enviroment but the average Australian is no longer going to tolerate ripping billions of dollars out of the ecomony (and their pockets) to feed an ever growing bunch of hangers-on to make exactly zero difference to the environment. Tell me again how many hangers on attended the Climate Change Conference in Cophenhagen? Tell me again what degree of difference in temperature Australia will achieve if Australia ceased All carbon emissions tomorrow? Now if you want to demonstrate that the millions/billions collected are going to actually rehabilate the Murray and Darling Basin then I might start listening again.  However you have no hope of me listening to the greens and their anti Israel nonsense.



Australian Election

Well finally the Australian people get to choose a new  government.  The race is between the incumbent Australian Labor Party headed up by the newly reinstalled Kevin Rudd and The Australian Liberal Party headed up by the self-confessed conservative Tony Abbott.

The Stump is predicting a landslide against the incumbent Rudd and what has to be the most dysfunctional and incompetent government since federation.

As a personal disclaimer it is only fair to mention that the Stump considers KRUDD and his predecessor, the simply awful Julia Gillard as possibly the most unprincipled politicians in Federal Politics in the last thirty years.

Prime Minister Tin Tin



Julia Gillard – Go please just Go

Fortunately in a democracy you get to throw the bums out every so often.  Australia has for the past few years been plagued by the worst government since World War 2 and two successive Prime Ministers who by any rational standards would not be employed as waste pickers in Indonesia.

Julia Gillard - Caricature

Julia Gillard – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Gillard has the well deserved reputation as the most distrusted Prime Minister in Australia’s history.  Her lack of ethics has been on display since from her early employment years when as a lawyer her resignation was “accepted”.  This ‘resignation’ came about after an obvious conflict of interest between her firm and a very dodgy union boyfriend was discovered.  Gillard treated the Australian public with disdain when she expected them to believe the whole affair did not stink to high heaven.

Gillard continues her ‘me at all costs’ attitude to life when she lied to Kevin Rudd, when she pledged support and within days stabbed him in the back to usurp the position of Prime Minister.  She created a minority government by lying to independents on gambling controls.  She lied to the Australian Public by declaring before the election there would be no Carbon Tax and promptly introduced introduced one at figure 5 times higher than the EU as a sop to the Greens in a naked power over ethics decision.

As a new election grows closer, her lack of principles on any issue have become more and more pronounced. Unable to to produce a single program that her government has introduced or implemented that has been sufficiently costed or implemented, she and a shrinking batch of inept lapdogs have launched a number of personal and frankly ludicrous accusations against the opposition leader Tony Abbott.  Why does she bother?  It bemuses the Australian public who are simply embarrassed by the this train wreck of a human being.

Disclosure: The stump has concerns about Tony Abbott  as he is a very committed Catholic  (Never keen on religion here) but to try and paint him as woman hater or some kind of Pope on steroids is just a absolute nonsense and highlights the sheer incompetence of this government. These nasty little morons even tried to paint Abbott’s commitment to the volunteer fire brigade and other causes as a political stunt only to be humiliated when they found he had being doing such things for decades unlike the self serving toads and union hacks throwing the accusations.

Sadly for Gillard, the Australian people have had a gutful of this ethically challenged, untruthful, unprincipled woman and she is leading the once proud Australian Labor Party to an epic defeat unrivaled in recent history.

Sadly for the Australian Public, she will continue her life of sucking on the public teat after she squandered a huge public surplus and destroyed a major political party in Australia and a the careers of many other Australians both within and without the political prism.

Never in Australia’s history is an election so overdue and anticipated.

Julia Gillard…So Long and get off…You won’t be missed.