Indonesia Exposes Kevin Rudd as a Dudd (again)

Indonesian people smuggler Sayed Abbas avoids extradition to Australia –  After shrilling from the rooftops about another Foreign Relations coup and securing the promise of the President of Indonesia that Indonesia would indeed assist his insatiable quest for a head line, Caretaker Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Australia were made to look like fools as an Indonesian Court released a known people smuggler and refused Australia’s request for extradition.


As stated in a previous post, only a naive or egotistical fool would believe Indonesia has any interest in stopping the flow of asylum seekers to Australia.  The reality is the people trade is a very lucrative if morally corrupt source of income to wide range of government officials and others. There was no way the Rudd & SBY talks were going to be anything other than a very very expensive australian taxpayer funded talkfest.


Speaking of fools, it is disheartening and a comment on the general intellect of a section of the Australian voters to see the way Rudd is feted at some public outings. A petulant little bully with unending litany of policy failures, Home Insulation, Carbon Tax, Miners Tax, Asylum Seekers, Super Plundering the list is sadly endless and yet this bizarre little man is actually mobbed by some.  Go figure.





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