Ed Husic Muslim Australian

Australia has much to be proud of with its traditions of a “fair go”, freedom and a functioning vibrant democracy.  Unfortunately, like most nations it has a small but vicious dark, dank, ignorant underbelly of racism and tribalism.

This week Ed Husic took his place as a Minister in the Australian Government.  The gentleman happened to be Muslim and surprise, surprise he swore his oath of office on the Koran.  Sadly, this unleashed a torrent of abuse on social media and in letters to the editors from the pig ignorant minority.  We had “Dinky Di Debra”  telling us it was disgrace and un-Australian along with some bloke called Ron writing to the Australian Newspaper telling us it was a disgrace and that generations of his family had fought to prevent this sort of thing occurring.

Well dinky di and Ron, yes it is a disgrace that people wasted so much taxpayer money on your education, to be fair though, in Dinky’s case how much education do you need to choose between Wendys or Maccas.  No Ron,  Australians did not fight to prevent people from following their faith but to ensure they had the freedom to do so.  Oh and is it not amazing how many armchair warriors who have never heard a shot fired in anger are quick to climb on the backs of soldiers. You, Ron are the disgrace.

English: Australian flag on top of the governm...

It is indeed sad that an offshoot of the last decade has seen the hijacking of the conservative politics by religious and fundamental morons who but for the rule of law are no less dangerous than the morons with bombs.

On a final note AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM Ed Husic demonstrated far more class, culture and appreciation of the Australian way of life the morons who attacked him.  Certainly he was far more polite and and forgiving than the Stump would be.

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