Australia risks War with Indonesia over Asylum Seekers

Recycled Prime Minister Rudd didn’t take long to make a fool of himself by declaring the opposition party would risk a conflict with Indonesia should they get into power (which by the polls they will by landslide).

In a simply bizarre speech to the nation, PM Rudd declared that Opposition Leader Abbott’s proposal to turn back Asylum Seeker Boats could lead to conflict with Indonesia. He then inferred this could lead to Armed Conflict similar to the conflict involving Indonesian and Australian troops in Malaysia in the sixties.

Of course, the lunacy of such claims is one thing but more repugnant is the drawing of international relationships into the grubby world of domestic politics.    To make things worse, Rudd is planning to keep the Gillard agenda of an Indonesian visit just weeks prior to the election.

English: Kevin Rudd, Australian politician

English: Kevin Rudd, Australian politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indonesian politicians must be rubbing their hands together with undisguised glee/greed knowing full well Rudd and Labor are desperate for a feel good headline on the Asylum Seeker issue which has degenerated into a billion dollar farce thanks to Rudd’s earlier incompetence.

The whole world knows the boat people issue is bleeding the government dry in popular opinion Rudd desperately needs something to turn the polls around during his honeymoon period before the electorate at large recalls what a socially inept and dysfunctional person he is. Indonesian politicians never shy making a dollar, will milk millions if not billions of dollars from Australia as Rudd spends whatever it takes at the expense of the Australian Taxpayer to achieve an temporary bounce in the polls.



5 thoughts on “Australia risks War with Indonesia over Asylum Seekers

  1. cartoonmick

    Both sides of politics currently lack talent and statesmen like qualities.
    Most policies, actual or proposed, are flawed with many tainted by political spin or vote catching bait.
    Regardless, I’m not sure how TA will actually turn back the boats without breaking any Australian or international laws.

    But, every problem has more than one solution, this is my cartoon on it…………



    1. oigal Post author

      Thanks Mick,

      I do agree although how anyone could even consider another 3 years of Labor is beyond me. Normally I edit out the referral links but in your case happy to leave them, some of the cartoons are pretty funny, well done.

      1. cartoonmick

        Thanks for that. I enjoy creating them.

        Yep, I don’t fancy 3 years of labor, nor 3 years of TA.

        Most polies we have in Canberra would not last a month in big business. There’s just no talent.

        I think the best situation would possibly be a Lib government led by Malcolm T with a replacement front bench. Too many Howard ghosts on the Libs potential front bench. Needs fresh blood.

      2. oigal Post author

        Well I would disagree with you on Malcolm T, I am never sure what he stands for. No doubt about the talent shortage tho

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