Rudd defeats Gillard and no one cares.

Kevin Rudd finally mustered up enough courage to take on Gillard for the leadership for the now terminally crippled Australian Labor Party. Rudd won, not on any great moral principle or leadership but on the votes of unprincipled rats who calculated they might save their seats by dumping the self serving Gillard for the self absorbed Rudd.

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick)

Of course, Rudd is the same shallow moron who declared the GFC was an obvious sign that Capitalism was finished in Western Society,  that Global Warming was the “Greatest Moral Challenge of our generation (until he realised it would cost him a vote) and the classic “There is no circumstance in which I would challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party”.

One thing is certain, the Australian People are about to see the greatest election wipeout in modern history.  This is sad as the key to a vibrant and pro active democracy is a strong opposition party and that is not going to happen for a decade after Gillard has trashed the party in her quest for more power without principle.

On the plus side, Gillard’s defeat will prevent her from going on her planned trip to Indonesia where she was prepared to bare all, do all for the sake of a five minute “feel good” headline.  Indonesia must feel miffed at being dudded at the last minute for the chance to take this ignorant fool to the cleaners.

Now Australia has to live with Tin Tin back in charge and bullying little girls.

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard ...

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard (left) at their first press conference as leader and deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party on 4 December 2006. 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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