Indonesia covers Asia in Smoke

Sad Kiani

Smarter and more honourable than the talking heads

Indonesia’s environment record is beyond abysmal should be considered treason with  punishments to match.

Fires on Borneo in 2006. Fires in peat—thick l...


Frankly, Indonesia’s commitment to the environment is a sick joke. Even the Orangutans being burned out of their homes know that these yearly burnings are planned and created by individuals to reduce 1000’s of hectares of jungle to ash and ready for Palm Oil plantations.


To Indonesia’s shame once again this treachery against the nation is only possible by the corrupt and complicit actions  of both federal and local government officials.

It is almost physically sickening watching people from the President down waffling on about Indonesia’s improving environmental record.  The contempt for the intelligence of the  people listening is astounding.  Worse is the contempt for the future of Indonesia’s people.  History shall judge these people harshly, in the meantime one can only hope that karma delivers the rewards these people deserve.