Malaysia Airlines flies Pigs First Class

 What is it with some of the Indonesian newly rich and airplanes.  Yet another filthy, lowlife uncultured pig thought it was acceptable to hit and spit on a flight attendant.

Unfortunately, the Jakarta Post today only identified the filthy pig as  “MA” AGED 29 from Medan.  Why the JP would not name and shame this piece of trash is unknown and worse is Malaysia Airlines Managements cowardly decision to settle the matter “amicably” out of court.  Bizarrely the Malaysia Airlines Captain Kamarul Admin seemed to indicate that the only reason he reported the instance was because MA Pig spat as well as hit the attendant stating “had the attendant only been hit, perhaps the incident would have been allowed to pass”  Say what?????  Nice duty of care to your employees numbnuts!

In his defence MA Pig from Medan stated “He rudely pointed and my to put my seat to an upright position.  He should have been more polite.  I was annoyed, so I spat at him”

This is not MA 29 from Medan

This is not MA 29 from Medan

Well MA, for rude you should come to the Stump, where you and your ilk are regarded as a scum and a cancer on Indonesia but feel free to spit and it is guaranteed you will continue spitting blood for at least a week.


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