English Defence League and Islamists = ?


bin-laden-family-70s (Photo credit: joelogon)

Recently read where one of the pigs offal who ran down beheaded  off duty English serviceman Lee Rigby shrilled “I am a Soldier”.   No it’s not! It is a piece of cowardly human garbage  who never has nor ever will contribute anything useful to humanity.  Most professional soldiers understand the meaning of duty, honour and courage none of the terms could even be worn on a tshirt by this low life.

Like the other cowards and dogs who think blowing up or murdering innocents in the name or religion somehow improves the lot of their co-religionists the creature is fool as well as coward.  The life of every Muslim on the planet has been made harder and more miserable since the spoilt and deranged child Bin Laden had other fools die in the cowardly attacks in USA.  SInce that time any number of morons have shouted Allah Akbar and further brought misery to Muslims and non Muslims alike.  What did they achieve?  Nothing except empower  fellow moronic, bigot groups like the English Defence League.

Speaking of the English Defence League, what more can one say but watch the clip  

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