Conscription Indonesian Military

We put it down to pre-Presidential Election madness or perhaps too much Arak but there is a bill before Parliament calling for Compulsory Military Service in Indonesia.  One has yet to define who the enemy is that requires such drastic action. Historically (and currently) the Indonesian Military focus has been domestic not foreign with oft tragic results for Indonesian citizens.

A number of countries used military conscription to build ties and bonds between different ethnic groups within the nation, Singapore being a prime example of that.  However to be effective that requires a military apparatus focused on professionalism and honour not patronage and personal power.

Soldiers of the Indonesian Army

Soldiers of the Indonesian Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The TNI’s abuses of power and brutality against her own citizens have never really been brought to account and continue to the present. Certainly the Stump would not like to see any kin enter into such an organisation who are essentially a law until themselves with little regard to the rights of others.

You can also rest assured assured it won’t be a Bakrie or Kalla’s little boy johnny (or Achmad) being made to sit in motor oil or crawl through sewers, or participate in the group beatings as part of of the inane, brutal and dehumanizing hazing rituals so common here.

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