Overweight Government Thug assaults Flight Attendant

Just back from Bali and it is still bemusing the attraction that place has for tourists but more on that later.

It’s late so just time for a special Buffoon and Moron mention.  Nothing defines cowardice more than a man that strikes a woman for any reason!  Sadly one of the great dirty secrets of Indonesia is its extremely high levels of domestic violence and the abuse of women and children.  However, today we shall highlight a particular piece of human offal who bravely abused and struck a flight attendant with a rolled up newspaper when asked repeatedly to turn off its mobile phone.   The local newspaper identified the buffoon as Zakaria Umarhadi, Head of the Bangka Belitung Investment Coordinating Board (BKPMD Bangka Belitung).  One would hope any company investing in Bangka Belitung would refuse to have anything to do with regency unless they dumped this swine. Nice to think it would do time picking up soap for the criminally insane (no this character does not get the “alleged” let out as it’s lawyer has admitted it’s guilt but said it was under stress…who cares moron).

One comforting thought for the flight attendant perhaps is the majority of men(?) who feel the need to bash women are over compensating for sexual and social inadequacies. She will recover from her injuries.

Big Brave Z obviously has issues with diets as well as women.

Big Brave Z obviously has issues with diets as well as women.

As a side issue, this does raise two points.  Firstly, when Indonesia say “enough” to these barely literate, low browed official thugs and stop letting them think they are better than the people they are supposed to serve.  Second point, what is it with Indonesians and mobile phones that they think they must switch them on the moment the plane begins descent.  Let’s face it people, you are not that important..really!

Remember the name with contempt.


Last thought – wonder where the family is?  If some bullying tub of lard had smacked my daughter on the head for just doing her job……..


2 thoughts on “Overweight Government Thug assaults Flight Attendant

  1. Lairedion

    And again using the pejabat’s favourite excuse/lie, something related to medical treatment. He had to make a phone call because his wife had a surgery. Let me guess, because he has beaten up his wife real bad? Nasty piece of work.

    1. oigal Post author

      I would think no doubt about it Lairedon. It is a known fact that people that cowards who beat women tend to be serial offenders, real tough guys hey. Yes a nasty piece of work, one would hope it gets jail time and banned for life from flying.

      Imagine if the coward had tried that on Europe or USA.

      I am disappointed none of the other passengers didn’t help him down the steps at an increased pace.


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