Ever since the Boston Bombings and the beheading by murderous and cowardly low lifes, we have had an endless parade of numpties proclaiming these acts have nothing to do with Islam or the religion of peace.

Frankly that is an absolute nonsense and an insult to human intelligence.  The facts remain these bottom feeders are the ones shouting Allah and Jihad as they carry out their hideous acts. We all know there are any number of Mosques in both the West and elsewhere where barely literate morons encourage others to maim and hurt with nary a squirm from the more rational believers,

Moron for Islam

The face of Islam?

It is at best disingenuous, at worst an outright lie to suggest that critics of these acts are falsely blaming Islam by taking Koranic Texts out of context or mistranslated.  It is not relevant if any outsider takes the text out context (even if true), it is not “outsiders” who are taking those texts as a justification for barbarity.  It is the height of denial to presume to lecture others on misunderstanding Islam when the problem is within.

Until rational people take reject the hate preachers and the murderers both within the mosque and without spare me the “poor bugger me, we are misunderstood crap”.  As with the rampant child abuse within the Catholic Church until rational believers take back the high moral ground from the creeps, perverts and murderers you have no right to demand understanding.

Words cannot describe my contempt for these scum who carry out these acts in the name of Islam.  As a member of a predominantly Muslim family, we are at the very real risk of family members being hurt by equally moronic right wing groups (aka EDL) taking cowardly retribution on innocent family members being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thanks Morons!

It is not up to the West to change but for all rational Muslims to say enough and purge the scum from the ranks.  And spare me the excuses!


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