Indonesia Enters Prank Reality Show

The Stump kept thinking this was one of those Prank Reality TV shows.  No sane person could consider that Indonesia’s religious tolerance has gone anywhere but backward.

Bugger me…They were Fair Dinkum..

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - World Economic Foru...

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono –

“President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received in New York on Thursday evening the World Statesman Award from a US interfaith organization for his role in promoting religious tolerance and freedom of worship in Indonesia.

Yudhoyono was quoted by Antara news agency as saying that the award was not the result of the efforts of just one man, but that “statesmanship can be collective” and that he hopes the award would make Indonesia a prosperous and harmonious nation.

The president has been widely criticized by human rights organization over his decision to receive the award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, citing cases of religious intolerance in Indonesia, such as the shuttering of the GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia churches and the attacks on Ahmadiyah members and their mosques.

Philosophy lecturer and interfaith activist Franz Magnis Suseno sent a letter to the foundation objecting to the award. He said that Yudhoyono did not do anything significant to protect the Ahmadiyah and Shia communities, who were considered heretics by conservative Islamic groups.

“This is a shame, a shame for you. It discredits any claim you might make as an institution with moral intentions,” Franz wrote in his letter. “How can you take such a decision without asking concerned people in Indonesia? Hopefully you have not made this decision in response to prodding by people from our government or the entourage of the president.”

The son of Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama figure Imam Shofwan even made an online petition called “No Award to SBY,” calling for the foundation not to give the award.

“I grew up in a Nahdatul Ulama family, and I agree with what Prof. Magnis said. I believe that a crime committed in the name of religion is a crime against religion. Ironically, this happens to be ACF’s credo.”

In his speech, Yudhoyono said that developing peace, order and harmony does not happen without problems, according to Antara. He acknowledged that communal conflict, religious conflict and radicalism were still taking place in Indonesia, but that Indonesia was not the only country facing such problems, calling it “a global phenomenon.”

He said the Indonesian government would use several approaches to solve the problem, and that the government “would not tolerate any violence by any group in the name of the religion” and “would protect the minority” to ensure that no one would suffer discrimination.

Yudhoyono added that people might be surprised to know that there are actually 61,000 churches in Indonesia, which he said was probably more than the number of churches in the United Kingdom and Germany.”


6 thoughts on “Indonesia Enters Prank Reality Show

  1. Lairedion

    This is not even funny anymore…. By accepting this award he deliberately offends all minorities suffering from violence and intolerance.

    1. oigal Post author

      You are,of course right Lairedon and He and that obnoxious joke the Religious Minister have no shame. Don’t mistake my humour as anything but sarcastic contempt.

  2. Lairedion

    I know but all I can feel is anger and a sense of helplessness the way Indonesia is being run by these morons.

    1. oigal Post author

      It’s sad that out of 250 (?) million people the next crop of Presidential Candidates look even worse. What happened to the generation that ousted the New Order, were they really just gilded thugs?

  3. Lairedion

    With the risk of being labeled a racist I believe competent candidates can be found in the Chinese and Christian-Manadonese communities. High level of education and business-like technocratic attitude, however they are too small in numbers and from the “wrong” ethnic/religious background to be considered seriously with the Chinese being victims of persistent racism. The Javanese Muslim majority, aided by likeminded groups from West Java, Sumatera and Sulawesi are too big in numbers.

  4. Oigal

    Yes L, there is no hope on small minded ethnic and religion based bigotry being put to one side for the good of the nation. In the Jakarta Globe this week there are Multi comments from one young lass telling us all how the Chinese deserved what they got in 1998 and advocating P as the best option for Prez. Sad really


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