PKS and John Company Parallels – Twin Evils

Been traveling around a bit and picked up some light reading for the plane.
JOHN COMPANY. By Arthur van Schendel. Translated and with an Introduction by Frans van Rosevelt. Edited, with Notes by em Beekma.

John Company

Essentially an account of a Dutchman during the period of the Dutch East India’s occupation of Indonesia.  Easy reading and the casual brutality of the Dutch to both Indonesians and others they considered inferior was a fascinating glimpse of the times.

The callous practice of ring barking village Sago trees to force the population to work for and purchase company overpriced foodstuffs (slavery by default) was a particularly repugnant practice.  One could not help but notice the parallels between that and the PKS officials implicated in gross mark ups of meat thanks to bribery and greed.  Both acts force the general population further into poverty for the benefit of a greedy, unfeeling, sanctimonious elite.

It could be said the only difference is one group was an occupier, the more recent should be perhaps labeled traitors to the revolution.  Shame that same punishments for treason do not still apply for treason as they did in the time of John Company.  I cannot see too many of the oppressed and ripped off complaining about seeing these thieves keel hauled.

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