PKS Luthfi Hasan, Young! Wives and Corruption

Update: Since the opinion at the Stump is Luthfi Hasan is a dirty, revolting old man (and by any measure not attractive ok he was obvious beaten senseless by the ugly stick). It is only fair that the Stump produces pictures of this unattractive man and his alleged teenage “wife”.  Readers can make their own minds up on this (?) man.

Update 2

Upon reflection the picture of the “schoolgirl” wife has been deleted as we all make mistakes    when we are young.  Frankly her parents should be ashamed for letting this happen. Certainly no schoolgirl should be held accountable in a society that lets repulsive, vile, fat old man take advantage of them.

An ugly man inside and  out (?) has lots of houses

Well it has become boring but the sanctimonious ones, the PKS are in the headlines again.  Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq has had nine luxury houses, eight high end cars and numerous other assets seized by the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).  All of this is alleged to have the provided by the tainted proceeds of ripping off the poor by demanding bribes on imported staples like meat.

Prosperous Justice Party

Prosperous Justice Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sleaze does not end there with the KPK seeking to summon this filthy old man’s alleged high school “wife” (one of alleged many wives).

But wait there’s more (yes unbelievable .  The pious PKS also stand accused of wanting to raise US$200,000 from the three ministries with a PKS Minister in charge to fund their presidential campaign.  Of course, they deny it …well they would wouldn’t they?  Just like the PKS member (member used it phallic sense here) denied it was him in the porn video or the “member” who stated he thought he was opening a religious video when he was busted watching f*ck movie on Ipad in the chambers (assumingly, the crys of “oh god, oh god” bemused him).

Seriously no shame some people.

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