The Church has no moral authority

The Stump is a place where tolerance and understanding are the warm fuzzy concepts to live by hence a general aversion to those professing to speak in the name of God.  Ever since dear old lunatic Grandma used to grab us by the ear and hold us in front of a portrait of tearing Jesus telling us he was crying because we were naughty, the skeptic side has been well fed.  I mean really, Jesus cries because a five year old boy dropped a glass?

You can rest assured that the moment some sanctimonious twat starts proclaiming he knows what God wants, oppression and abuse is sure to follow.

Now the Stump has nothing but contempt for the ignorant bullies and thugs composing the FPI and their ilk and plenty of contempt left over for those “political parties” here in Indonesia claiming some sort of Islamic moral authority (haha)  from God.  However, what is just as laughable is the so called moral outrage of the “Christian” West proclaiming the failings of Islam.

Just this month, we had the Pope lamenting the excesses of Capitalism and people putting money before humanity, which would be laughable if it was not so tragic. Did we hear a word about the millions of dollars the Catholic Church has spent defending the pedophiles in its midst or the decades of cover ups.  I must have missed the bit where the Pope lamented various dioceses declaring bankruptcy to avoid payments to victims of abuse by trusted church officials.

Some of the neverending stories now coming to light are heartbreaking and it is hard even imagine what some of these children endured at the hands of these scum.

Australia has instigated a commission to further investigate these repulsive organisations (although successfully  watered down by the vested interests to include organisations outside the church) 

BARRISTER Bryan Keon-Cohen has likened the Catholic Church to outlaw motorcycle gangs, drug cartels and people-smugglers over its treatment of child-abuse victims. Speaking at a legal conference yesterday, Dr Keon-Cohen, president of abuse organisation Commission of Inquiry Now, said the church had put the welfare of priests above concern for child rape victims, treated abuse as a sin rather than a crime, and its protocols for dealing with abuse were insufficient and objectionable.

Frankly, it should be said the Barrister is showing far more consideration to the church than the church does for its victims.

To think that these organisations have the sheer gall to lecture the rest of us on what is acceptable moral behaviour is simply bizarre.  In what other international company would the CEO not be in gaol?

The Stump continues to advise that the moment that any person of the cloth shakes your hand then wash thoroughly with germicide and show them the door.

Antichristus, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach of th...

Antichristus, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach of the pope using the temporal power to grant authority to a generously contributing ruler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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