Sex, Cows and PKS Indonesia

Prosperous Justice Party

Prosperous Justice Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well moving to a new blog site is always a challenge to build the readership again, particularly when you have been ultra lazy.  Knowing full well the number one search topic in sanctimonious Indonesia is SEX. The obvious solution was to go to the local paper search for the latest story on the Indonesian Islamic Party (PKS) and their latest sex scandal, after all sex sells.  One thing you can always count on is PKS and sleaze.

Well, disappointingly there were no stories this week of PKS politicians watching pornography on Ipads during government legislation sessions nor allegations of dirty old PKS politicians taking advantage of teenagers.  However, all is not yet lost with yet another senior PKS member named in the Beef Import Scandal.  Not content with pious rantings, bigotry and illicit couplings, a number of PKS members have been named in connection with taking bribes (up to $10,000Rp per Kilo) to facilitate the import of meat into Indonesia.  Keep in mind that the meat import industry like all other money spinners is a very closed market as we know market competition reduces the chances for skullduggery.  Look up Tempo Magazine for a full exposure of creeps and creatures.

Unfortunately, Indonesia does not do irony well as the supreme irony will be as Ramadan approaches and you can bet the PKS faithful will be exhorting the faithful to buy and give meat to the poor and someone, somewhere will be rubbing their hands with glee.  Don’t worry the faithful will heed the call as they always do.

Not really related but who could pass on mentioning the PKS Indonesian Communications Minister Tifatul Sembirin and its idiotic claim that he has successfully banned porn on the internet in Indonesia.  Seriously is there a special school these numpties go to?

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