Gillard and Swan lie, Indonesia Gains

Australia was handed another budget this week by what is arguably the most inept Australian government since World War Two. Shamelessly political, the budget was all focused on committing the incoming government to spending on “feel good” programs that have not been costed not funded in any shape or fashion.

English: Wayne Swan, Treasurer of Australia So...

English: Wayne Swan, Treasurer of Australia Source commons:category:Politics of Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As for Wayne Swan the insipid creature has continues to lie to the people of Australian by referring to tax increases as “SAVES” .  Like Prime Minister Gillard he seems to expect dictionaries to be re-written to fit the fantasy world in which it dwells.

However as far as Indonesia is concerned the budget contained some good news with foreign aid increasing to an extra $100 million going to Indonesia. The estimated outcome for Indonesia is $540 million next year to $650 million the following year.

The Stump view is one can understand the rising anger of the Australian people suffering cuts across the board whilst foreign aid to countries like Indonesia increases yet again.  On one hand it is obviously in Australia’s interest to practice soft (read dollar) diplomacy with her nearest and most populous neighbour.  Yet the reality remains that the only reason Indonesia needs such huge dollops of other people’s money is due to the endemic corruption of the various government institutions.  Sadly Indonesia has the potential but not the ethics to be the most prosperous nation in South East Asia.  It is well past time that conditions were placed on such AID. Until Indonesia starts treating its own citizens with a little respect, perhaps the AID dollars should be diminishing instead of increasing.

Meanwhile after long time chiding the Gillard led puppets as a pack of inept liars it was disheartening to hear the opposition leader state that Indonesian abattoirs meet and exceed Australian Standards.  One understands that he had to make a point about Gillard’s fumbled handling of the Live Cattle Industry to Indonesia but even the most uninformed brain dead zombie knows that Indonesian abattoirs in general are hell houses of cruelty and animal abuse.  Damn Tony, don’t make us trade one opportunistic liar for another.

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