Religious Intolerance Poisoning Indonesia

In a country that is (in) famous for its blasphemy laws it never ceases to amaze me that the majority of the population is prepared to accept moronic, deadbeats dressing up as imitation Arabs and embarrassing Indonesia and Islam.


It is hard to imagine that the creature in this picture has contributed anything to the society it has dwelt except hate and virulence.  Of course, intolerant morons and oxygen thieves exist in any society, what is of far more concern is when a Minister of a so called democratic government actually supports and encourages such behavior.

To most (but not those who have lived in Indonesia for any length of time) it beggars belief that Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali publicly supported provincial bans on the Ahmadiyah group and suggested that religious tolerance could only be attained by converting Ahmadiyah and Shiite members to the mainstream form of Sunni Islam.  The mind numbing stupidity and bigotry of the comment is astounding more so as this ‘gentlemen’ is supposed to be safe guarding the religious practices and affairs of ALL Indonesians.

It is not true these creatures have widespread support from the majority of Indonesians.  Sadly, it is unlikely that creatures like that in the picture or the poorly named Minister of Religious Affairs will cease their assaults on the plurality and customs of true Indonesians but the question remains can Indonesia stand up and say enough before it is too late.

Do take the time to read the related new articles on the ongoing and unprovoked assaults on Indonesians doing  what you and I take for granted.

One consolation we can take from this, the future of idiot in the picture holds nothing but a bitter, lonely, ignorant old man sitting in the gutter of some run down Kampung in Java.  Karma has its own way of evening the score.

From the Jakarta Globe today

“For the 13th year in a row, Indonesia has been included on a watchlist of countries with appalling religious freedoms.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom said that Indonesia’s tradition of pluralism had been strained in recent years by “ongoing sectarian tensions, societal violence and the arrest of individuals considered religiously deviant.”

Dwindling religious tolerance in Aceh, which has adopted its own interpretation of Shariah law, is specifically highlighted in the report, including the closure of 29 churches and five Buddhist temples in the district of Singkil and the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, during the past year.

The report also mentions last November’s attack on an allegedly heretical sect in Aceh’s Bireuen district that killed the sect leader, Tengku Ayub Syakuban, and one of his students. None of the around 100 people participating in the attack have been arrested.

The impunity enjoyed by the people behind the Bireuen attack is not unique, with hard-line groups operating freely with few consequences, harassing religious minorities, destroying places of worship and pressuring local officials to detain and restrict those accused of blasphemy and proselytizing minority faiths, the report says.

Last month, the Surabaya District Court in East Java acquitted Rois Al-Hukama of orchestrating a deadly anti-Shiite rampage in Sampang district, Madura Island, that left two people dead in 2012.

A mob of 500 Sunni Muslims rampaged through a village in Sampang’s Omben subdistrict on Aug. 26, hacking one Shiite Muslim to death and setting fire to more than 30 homes. Those who remained in the region, or refused to convert to Sunni Islam, were forced to live in spartan conditions in an unadorned sports complex. Nearly one year on, the community still lives in exile.”

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