Indonesia and the wisdom of whores

I have never really got the fascination that some people particularly the falsely pious and ranting moralists have for what happens in other people’s bedrooms between consenting adults.  Indonesia would have to win the gold gong for sanctimonious nonsense with various clerics and populist (but wisdom starved) politicians falling over themselves to pry into other people’s private business.

To be fair, it is not only Indonesians who seem preoccupied with penises and what we do with them.  We have one somewhat poisonous, expat blogger here in Indonesia who revels in hating those it has never met, one assumes its a phallic insecurity thing.  Anyway, let’s call him Rosie.  Rosie regularly works itself into a rather repugnant yet strangely amusing, virtual orgasmic, ranting, foaming lather at the mere mention of the word homosexual.  Rosie trots out the usual hate ridden clichés like unclaimed baggage on an airport carousel seemingly immune to facts and logic.  Personally I am straight and living the dream and could not care less what other consenting adults do.  However just to annoy the narrow minded and the ignorant, do go and visit this site  because just sometimes facts do help before you open your mouth.

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