Asylum Seekers vs The Brain Dead

As Australia draws ever closer to an election (and hopefully on the way to dispose of the most inept government since World War Two) it is inevitable that side line fringe groups grow ever more shriller.  Nothing puffs its chest nor screams louder than a moron on a mission and these days the banner of choice is Asylum seekers.

Unfortunately Australia rather than moving from its somewhat xenophobic past has allowed the immigration debate to be hijacked by the uniformed and the repugnant.  Somehow true conservatives have been sidelined by xenophobic twits who spew out the same retarded nonsense day by day and ably aided by those on the extreme left who occupy an equally moronic position of let anyone in (I do confess a morbid amusement watching those of the left trying to reconcile freedom of choice with some of Islam’s more gender discrimination practices).  Trouble is, these two groups who between them would have trouble marshalling a coherent sentence in educated company have managed to sideline the rational voices that should be debating the issue.

There is nothing to be proud of when the anti-muslim brigade has encouraged the brain dead and the lowlifes to shout out abuse and worse to women wearing Jilbabs.  Australia is built upon the efforts of immigrants and that should never be forgotten.  By the same token, nor should Australians be making concessions to any group for segregated facilities or other discriminationatory practices.  The idiot, so called Muslims who denigrate others as non believers or somehow less than acceptable should be left in no doubt by the government that such behaviour is unacceptable in a free democracy.  The recent rantings of some moronic cleric on Anzac Day make a fine case in point.

Time for all of us to shine the light on the cockroaches of both sides of the debate and send them scurrying under the rocks where they belong.

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