TNI Soldiers stand tall against formidable high school student

The TNI (Indonesian Defence Force) continue to cover themselves in glory.  Less than a month after enlisted soldiers burst into an Indonesian Gaol and executed four prisoners who had been accused of murdering one their own at a “nightclub”.  The Defenders of the Nation were again at their best after terrorising a high school student who had the misfortune of having a motorcycle accident with a TNI member (I use the term member in the gentilia fashion here).

The Jakarta Globe reports (

“Ten soldiers have been accused of assaulting several security officers at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) in Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta……..Three security guards at the PDI-P’s headquarters were attacked by the soldiers on Saturday night after one of the guards tried to mediate an argument between a soldier and a student following a minor motorcycle accident.  The student proceeded to run into the PDI-P office, but was chased out. However, a few of the soldiers searched the premises and injured the guards in the process.”

In a classic piece of denial of responsibility Indonesian military chief Adm. Agus Suhartono was reported by the Globe as saying

“The public must view the event as an isolated occurrence and not blame the institution itself. The incident at the PDI-P office was a personal issue. It is not the army’s [problem],” Agus.”

As a ex member of the profession of arms, it stuns one how if old Agus did make such a statement then why is still holding his position.  In any professional Defence Force such comments and lack of discipline would warrant instant dismissal.  Despite the nonsensical history taught in Indonesian schools, the TNI do not have particularly bright and noble history.  Rather than battle honours the institution is riddled with allegations of graft, corruption and human rights abuses going back decades.  There is little doubt in most analysts minds of TNI involvement in the abuse and torture of Indonesian citizens in East Timor, Jakarta in 1998 and currently in Papua.  The abuses and TNI sanctioned violence that left over 500,000 Indonesians dead in 1965 is well documented.

Yet for all this, somehow Indonesians still look to the military for leadership with the result that only in Indonesia could you have two ex TNI generals standing for election as President. Both of these creatures could potentially face arrest for alleged human rights abuses at any time in the future…go figure..

It pays to keep in mind that bane of Indonesian Society and the collection of petty thugs, thieves and bullies better know as the FPI is a TNI creation and not as some of the more ignorant believe just another radical Islamic group.  Of course, the selective nature of FPI targets would soon disavow any rational person from the notion the FPI serves any high purpose other than doing jobs others want a degree of separation from.

Meanwhile just how brave do you have to be to gun down people locked behind bars or to terrorize a high school student.  A another proud day for the profession of arms..thanks guys..for nothing.

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