It appears they have captured and in once case dispensed with the twisted people responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Sadly even more people died in the process  however a degree of swift closure has been achieved.

Boston Marathon 2013 ... Confronting Terror in...

Boston Marathon 2013 … Confronting Terror in Boston —

I really struggle to grasp what these morons hope to achieve.  All these creatures have managed to do is to make life even more difficult for Muslims and other immigrants around the world.  You can almost feel the far right loonies drooling at another excuse to vent their hatred and xenophobic nonsense.

As for the other end of the scale there has been some attempt to suggest some sort of moral equivalency between what occurred in Boston and US actions in Iraq and elsewhere.  This is just absolutely repugnant and infantile nonsense.  No matter what the your political leanings, the difference is one side goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties.  The other side revels in the death of innocents and actively and cravenly seeks shelter amongst them.

Acknowledging that the far right loons are factual deserts, the fact remains Muslim world must collectively take action against those who continually place ownership of such heinous acts on ALLAH.  As long as the Muslim world continues to allow such acts as indiscriminate bombings, acid attacks on women and celebrations on the murder of innocents, then they cannot expect to be treated as part of the civilised world community.


As frustrating as it is, it would appear that I have over estimated the intelligence of humanity once again (or perhaps just poor writing).  In the previous paragraph, I alluded to the Muslim    World taking taking responsibility for the actions of the demented minority.  By Muslim World, I mean those despotic governments who assist or ignore those who refuse to enter the community of nations.  Now you xenophobics and morons it is neither brave nor intelligent to abuse someone on the street because they happen to wearing a Jilbab or are obvious Muslims.  As for the idiots in Australian currently demanding an end to Muslim immigration, it might pay you to learn a little history.  Muslims have been a part of the Australian DNA since the beginning (Hint…why do we call the train THE GHAN)

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