Gillard cleans the China Dish

Gillard yesterday today tomorrow

Gillard yesterday today tomorrow (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)



There is little doubt that the Prime Bogan Julia Gillard will go down as the worst Prime Minister in Australia’s history.  Jules has the dubious honour of being reviled both by the Public and her own party in equal measures.  It is something special in a profession renown as the breeding ground of the dishonest, morally bankrupt and habitual liars, her one (and only) achievement is being universally hailed as the  Queen of Untruth.


Frankly, I am not sure if she lies anymore than others but I do find her complete and utter inability to think beyond her own personal desires a vile reflection on modern politics.  In the interests of her own survival, we have seen her blast what was left of the intellectual part of her party into oblivion at the same time promote intellectual pygmies whose inept policies will hurt Australia for decades.  Does she care…not one bit.



Gillard once again displayed her ability to sell out Australians with her repugant fawning at the feet of Chinese leadership this week. Let’s be very clear here, China is not a nice part of the international community.   China remains a brutal and undemocratic dictatorship with the the rule of law being a pipe dream for 99% of the population.  An world environmental vandal, China remains the main market for the decimation of the remaining populations of endangered animals.  A bully and tyrant, China is now pressing other nations throughout  SE Asian in what could only be considered state sanction piracy.


Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia.

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: thinboyfatter)

Despite all the above Gillard acts as a fawning toady to the repugnant modern day Mings of China and parrots the scraps they threw her (a currency deal and a promise of a yearly morning tea invite) is some sort of diplomatic triumph.  It is difficult to grasp that this silly woman cannot even grasp the Mings used her for propaganda value as they press their nonsense territorial  calms through out the region.  Worse, you can bet this Troll PM never even mentioned the Australian Businessmen gaoled without fair or even application of justice. You remember those people don’t you Julia? Australian Citizens the ones you are supposed to represent.


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