Bali Plane Crash


After a brief interlude, it seems we (Indonesia) are not about to let our record as one of the most dangerous nations in SE Asia for flying to go undefended.  Latest news is the budget airline “Lion Air” has managed to mistake the ocean for a runway in Bali. Fortunately, it would appear no deaths at this time.

This will throw a little extra anxiety into the Oigal holiday and business plans.  Lion is often the only option when island hopping around Indonesia despite its abysmal record for on time departures and arrivals earning it the more common name as “Lying Air”.  Like so many institutions in Indonesia, customer service is pretty much a foreign concept as company officials peddle absolute nonsense (watch the excuses for this plane crash) and expect the public to swallow it.  Curiously the Indonesian traveling public do seem to swallow it hook, line and sinker.

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