BALI 1936

English: Balinese_dancers Ubud

English: Balinese_dancers Ubud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow this video is fantastic. Bali before the combination of cheap and nasty, down market tourism and puritan Islam destroyed a way of life.

Confession. I pinched this from Jakartass (see Side Bar)

5 thoughts on “BALI 1936

  1. Jakartass

    Nick as much as you want, O.
    I did wonder where you’d gone to so apologies for my ‘late’ arrival here … and let me wish you a belated welcome back.
    Incidentally, Brandon’s Java Jive was the first English-language blog in Indonesia … but he’s been in Manila for quite a few years now.
    And, I’m now posting (vegetarian) snacks on my Jakartass FB page, so the main site is left for more occasional meaty stuff.

    1. oigal Post author

      Hi J,

      Thanks for popping by, I have been sort of swamped of late so the blogging went into hibernation. I am still reading your blog (except for the nonsense about that silly round ball game), I have tried to post comments on your site but get the boot because I am a behind a proxy…go figure..

      I will try and pull my finger out and get everything sorted,

      1. Jakartass

        I get upwards of 20 spam comments a day, but do get the chance to check each one. So I’m 99.99% certain that nothing from you has slipped through.
        If you can sort things out, I may have to ‘approve’ your first comment, after which you should be free to come and go.
        If all else fails, email me, and I’ll post it for you. And if you’ve lost my address, then click the link on my site.

      2. oigal Post author

        Hi J,

        Actually I don’t get that Spam , it will not let me post a comment. I get a screen message saying the user will not allow comments from people posting behind Proxy. It’s ok, we will work something out over the next few weeks.

      3. oigal Post author

        I get this message mate
        Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

        If you are a regular commenter or you feel that your comment should not have been blocked, please contact the blog owner and ask them to modify this setting.

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