A New Home and New Start

Well after many years lodging with a good and at time sobering influence as a semi permanent guest at the blog site  “Indonesia Matters”,  the “The  Stump” and my alter ego “Oigal” have moved. No particular reason other than IM is slowly drifting into a quiet retirement, think “Gone in 60 Seconds” to “On Golden Pond”.

With the new address, Oigal will remain obnoxious, opinionated and intolerant of fools. Although fools, in particular religious and bigoted fools  are welcome to the blog as they are so much fun to play with.

If the technology hurdle can be breached, it is even hoped to have special pages dedicated to our favourite morons, buffoons, bullies and idiots.

In the meantime, as I get myself organized, of check out the latest piece  Religious Harmony from South East Asian most (haha) religiously tolerant nation.  By the way, the picture is only to annoy the religious arab wannbes :-).

Dieng Plateau - Java

Dieng Plateau – Java (Photo credit: Ethical Photography)


2 thoughts on “A New Home and New Start

  1. Lairedion

    Halo Pak Oigal, how are you? So this is your new place on the web. For some reason IM’s admin didn’t let me comment anymore, that’s why that site is almost dead, I guess 😉 . Let’s see what you have to offer.

    1. oigal Post author

      Hi “L” Nice to see you, yes I am afraid the grand ol dame IM is a bit sleepy these days, I hear that Patung has retired back to OZ? I guess I will continue to use the blog as “rant” therapy. Please feel free to pull me up on facts and opinions as the one thing about blogs as you can tend to believe your own nonsense after awhile. Cheers and have a good one.


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